New Publications by ETS Members

Title Author
Schleiermacher on the Necessity of the Church Eugene Schlesinger
It Shall Not Return Void Micheal Pardue
Lactantius as Architect of a Constantinian and Christian ‘Victory over the Empire’ W. Brian Shelton
Patristic Heresiology: The Difficulties of Reliability and Legitimacy W. Brian Shelton
Prevenient Grace: God's Provision for Fallen Humanity W. Brian Shelton
The Authors of the Deuteronomistic History: Locating a Tradition in Ancient Israel Brian Peterson
Matthean Posteriority: An Exploration of Matthew's Use of Mark and Luke as a Solution to the Synoptic Problem Robert MacEwen
Empire Here or Hereafter? A Postcolonial Reading of the Wisdom of Solomon Daniel Timmer
Dignity and Destiny: Humanity in the Image of God John Kilner
Pleased to Dwell: A Biblical Introduction to the Incarnation Peter Mead
The Creation of Evil: Casting light into the purposes of darkness John Noe
Exchanging Symbols for Symbolic Exchange: Towards a Realistic, Ecumenical, Reformed Sacramental Theology Eugene Schlesinger
Transformative Models: Economic Modeling, Relational Ontology, and the Image of God David Butner
Ancient Apologetic Exegesis: Introducing and Recovering Theophilus's World Stuart Parsons
Grappling wth the Chronology of the Genesis Flood: Navigating the Flow of Time in Biblical Narrative Steven Boyd
The Church in Exile: Living in Hope After Christendom Lee Beach
“Navigating Life in a World that has Been Scarred by the Fall: Reflections on Ecclesiastes 9:7–10 and Living in a World of Suffering" Robert McCabe
The Parable of the Prodigal Father: An Interpretative Key to the Third Gospel (Luke 15:11-32) Trevor Burke
Sin Seizing an Opportunity through the Commandments: The Law in 1 Tim 1:8-11 and Rom 6-8 Dillon Thornton
“The Meaning of Hebel in Ecclesiastes: An Intertextual Suggestion.” Russell Meek
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