New Publications by ETS Members

Title Author
Is 'Righteousness’ a Relational Concept in the Hebrew Bible? Charles Irons
The Augustinian Legacy of the Procreative Marriage: Contemporary Implications and Alternatives Cristina Richie
“Luke-Acts and the Historical Jesus.” Craig Keener
“First-Person Claims in Some Ancient Historians and Acts.” Craig Keener
But These Are Written … Essays on Johannine Literature in Honor of Professor Benny C. Aker Craig Keener
The IVP Bible Background Commentary: New Testament Craig Keener
Global Evangelicalism: Theology, History and Culture in Regional Perspective Richard Pierard
A Spirit Chiasm in Isa 11:2-3a Walter Marlowe
Reforming the Monastery: Protestant Theologies of the Religious Life Greg Peters
“Fifteen Pointers for Preachers” Brian Najapfour
“Living Evangelistically: Biblical Motivation for Proclaiming the Gospel” Brian Najapfour
Child Dedication: Considered Historically, Theologically, and Pastorally Brian Najapfour
Cult and Cosmos: Tilting Toward A Temple-Centered Theology L. Michael Morales
"'By Force of Participation and Conjunction in Him': John Jewel and Richard Hooker on Union with Christ" Andre Gazal
Green Reproduction, Resource Conservation, and Ecological Responsibility Cristina Richie
Very Early Trinitarian Expressions Stuart Parsons
Numbers: Journal of Faithful and Faithless Alan Kam-Yau Chan
Christ is God over All: Romans 9:5 in the Context of Romans 9-11 George Carraway
The Truth about Santa Claus: Management Ethics, Volume 2 Brian Keen
A Cannibal Feast in Ezekiel Nathanael Warren
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