New Publications by ETS Members

Title Author
"Miracles." Craig Keener
The NKJV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible Craig Keener
Communal Reading in the Time of Jesus: A Window into Early Christian Reading Practices Brian Wright
Typology in Biblical Hebrew Meter: A Generative Approach Sung Jin Park
Called Along the Way: A Spiritual Memoir Stephen Hiemstra
Life in Tension Stephen Hiemstra
Rethinking the Translation of Διδακτικός in I Timothy 3.2 and 2 Timothy 2.24 Paul Himes
Photo Companion to the Bible: John Todd Bolen
Photo Companion to the Bible: Luke Todd Bolen
Photo Companion to the Bible: Mark Todd Bolen
Photo Companion to the Bible: Matthew Todd Bolen
"Landmarkism's Sectarian Legacy: An Obstacle to Ecumenism in the Southern Baptist Convention" James Patterson
"Anabaptist Kinship Revisited: Implications for Baptist Origins and Identity" James Patterson
"Marriage: Patriarchal, Sacramental, or Covenantal?" Cristina Richie
"'Consolation for the Despairing': C. H. Spurgeon's Endorsement of Lament Psalms in Public Worship." Alan Thompson
The Origins of Divine Christology Andrew Loke
Is Prayer Redundant? Calvin and the Early Reformers on the Problem of Petitionary Prayer Christopher Woznicki
"Violence, Atonement, and Retributive Justice: Bonhoeffer as a Test Case" Benjamin Burkholder
Bloodless Atonement?: A Theological and Exegetical Study of the Last Supper Sayings Benjamin Burkholder
"The First-Century Inscription of Quintus Sulpicius Maximus: An Initial Catalog of Lexical Parallels with the New Testament" Brian Wright
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