New Publications by ETS Members

Title Author
Paul Writes to the Greek First and also to the Jew: The Missiological Significance of Understanding Paul's Purpose in Romans Jackson Wu
I Pledge Allegiance to the King; Dennis Ingolfsland
"A Biblical Reconstruction of the Prophetess Deborah in Judges 4" William Osborne
"The Early Messianic 'Afterlife' of the Tree Metaphor in Ezekiel 17:22-24" William Osborne
Reformierter Pietismus und Mission: Friedrich Adolph Lampes Ausführungen zur Beziehung von Kirche und 'Heidentum' in seinen Erklärungen zum Heidelberger Katechismus Peter Yoder
"The Church in History: Ecclesiological Ideals and Institutional Realities" James Patterson
Wasted Evangelism: Social Action and the Church's Task of Evangelism Chip Anderson
"Amos and Ecclesiastes: Toward Developing a Theological Response to Oppression" Russell Meek
Coffee Shop Conversations: Evangelical Perspectives on Current Issues Russell Meek
Fire in the Water: Baptismal Aptness and Ecology in the Petrine Epistles Eugene Schlesinger
The Trinitarian Theology of Stanley J. Grenz Jason Sexton
Building a Framework for Green Bioethics: Integrating Ecology into the Medical Industry Cristina Richie
The Lord's Supper as a Means of Grace: More than a Memory Richard Barcellos
Better than the Beginning: Creation in Biblical Perspective Richard Barcellos
The Christian Story and Our Stories: Narrative Pedagogy in Congregational Life Benjamin Espinoza
The Uniqueness of the Bible: How to Help Jews, Muslims, Mormons, and Catholics Discover God's Ultimate Source of Truth Larry Siekawitch
The Scandal of the Evangelical [Female] Mind Cristina Richie
Melchizedek's Alternative Priestly Order: A Compositional Analysis of Genesis 14:18–20 and Its Echoes Throughout the Tanak Joshua Mathews
How Lunar and Solar Eclipses Shed Light on Biblical Events Rodger Young
1 Timothy 3:16 -- A New Perspective, Evangelical Quarterly, Vol LXXXV No. 2 April 2013, 105-120 Brice Martin
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