New Publications by ETS Members

Title Author
The Timeless, Unifying Rhetoric of Lamentations Benjamin Giffone
Contextualizing the One Gospel in Any Culture: A Model from the Biblical Text for a Global Context Jackson Wu
"A Biblical Theology of Missions and Contextualization" Terry Wilder
In Defense of the Bible: A Comprehensive Apologetic for the Authority of Scripture Terry Wilder
Harbor for the Poor: A Missiological Analysis of Almsgiving in the View and Practice of John Chrysostom Eric Costanzo
As You Go: Creating a MIssional Culture of Gospel-Centered Students Alvin Reid
"Collectivism and/or Christianity: An Exegetical Study of Acts 2:42-47 and 4:32-5:11" Paul Jeon
“A Sketch of Christian Spirituality: From the Patristic Period to the Evangelical Era” Brian Najapfour
Jonathan Edwards: His Doctrine of & Devotion to Prayer Brian Najapfour
Acts 2:38 in Light of the Syntax of Imperative-Future Passive and Imperative-Present Participle Combinations Paul Elbert
Tenure and Grant in Ezekiel's Paradise (47:13-48:29) Nathanael Warren
Living Intentionally before God: Reflections on 1 Thessalonians Paul Jeon
God, Freedom & Human Dignity: Embracing a God-Centered Identity in a Me-Centered Culture Ronald Highfield
Philemon Linda Belleville
2 Corinthians 5:16-17 and 1 Timothy 6:17-20 Linda Belleville
“Christology, the Pastoral Epistles, and Commentaries” Linda Belleville
“Scripture and Other Voices in Paul’s Theology” Linda Belleville
"Son Christology in the New Testament" Linda Belleville
Rendered “Odious” as Pietists: Anton Wilhelm Böhme’s Conception of Pietism and the Possibilities of Prototype Theory Peter Yoder
The HCSB: Navigating the Horizons in Bible Translation E Clendenen
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