New Publications by ETS Members

Title Author
The Marrow Controversy and Seceder Tradition: Atonement, Saving Faith, and the Gospel Offer in Scotland (1718-1799) William VanDoodewaard
The New Evangelical Subordinationism? Perspectives on the Equality of God the Father and God the Son Dennis Jowers
Applied Business Ethics, Volume 1: POWER Living Through the Truth Brian Keen
Jonathan Edwards and Justification Joshua Moody
Women, Slaves, and the Gender Debate: A Complementarian Response to the Redemptive-Movement Hermeneutic Benjamin Reaoch
Charity and Its Fruits: Living in the Light of God's Love Kyle Strobel
By Word and Spirit: Jonathan Edwards on Redemption, Justification, and Regeneration Kyle Strobel
Jonathan Edwards and the Polemics of Theosis Kyle Strobel
Transformed in Christ: Christology and the Christian Life in John Chrysostom Ashish Naidu
Isaiah 34-66: For the Person in the Pew Jim West
Creation in Paul and Philo: The Beginning and Before Jonathan Worthington
Ezekiel in Context: Ezekiel Understood in Its Historical Setting of Covenant Curses and Ancient Near Eastern Mythological Motifs Brian Peterson
"Reframing the Past: The Impact of Institutional and Ideological Agendas on Modern Interpretations of Landmarkism." James Patterson
"Anteriority and Justification: Pragmatic Functions of the We-x-Qatal Form in Direct Speech in the Book of Genesis William Osborne
The Law of Christ: God’s Will for New Testament Believers. George Law
Reformer of Basel: The Life,Thought and Influence of Johannes Oeciolampadius Diane Poythress
The Legacy of Jonathan Edwards in the Theology of Andrew Fuller Chris Chun
Living Witness. Explorations in Missional Ethics Andy Draycott
The Epistle to the Hebrews Gareth Lee Cockerill
Paul as an Administrator of God in 1 Corinthians John Goodrich
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