New Publications by ETS Members

Title Author
The Book of Isaiah and God's Kingdom: A thematic-theological approach Andrew Abernethy
The Hidden Life of Jesus Thomas Hudgins
Quest for the Truth: Through the Doctor of Applied Ethics programme Brian Keen
Matthew’s New David at the End of Exile: A Socio-Rhetorical Study of Scriptural Quotations Nicholas Piotrowski
Leviticus and Numbers Joe Sprinkle
"James Robinson Graves Vs. Alexander Campbell: A Heated Journalistic Rivalry in the Antebellum South" James Patterson
The Promise of Arminian Theology: Essays in Honor of F. Leroy Forlines William Watts
‘Special Forces’: A Stereotype of Benjaminite Soldiers in the Deuteronomistic History and Chronicles.” Benjamin Giffone
Sit At My Right Hand: The Chronicler’s Portrait of the Tribe of Benjamin in the Social Context of Yehud Benjamin Giffone
"Divine Healing in Australian Protestantism, 1870 - 1940" Journal of Religious History Damon Adams
Flesh and Blood: A Dogmatic Sketch Concerning the Fallen Nature View of Christ's Human Nature Daniel Cameron
Retelling the Story of God: An Apologetic for the Christian Worldview Scott Davis
Biblical Hebrew in Chinese: Fostering the Rethinking of Teaching Method through Language Defamiliarization Scott Callaham
Twin Cultures Separated by Centuries: An Indian Reading of First Corinthians Andrew Spurgeon
The Theological Method of F. Leroy Forlines Andrew Ball
Why Did Peter Change the Septuagint? A Reexamination of the Significance of the Use of Τίθημι in 1 Peter2:6 Paul Himes
Doctrine and Experience Caught in the Crossfire of Evangelical Spiritualities Christopher Zito
Must Biblical and Systematic Theology Remain Apart? Reflection on Paul van Imschoot Scott Callaham
"Ancient Rome's Daily News Publication With Some Likely Implications For Early Christian Studies" Brian Wright
Early Pentecostal Stirrings in Tasmania, 1910-1933 Damon Adams
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