New Publications by ETS Members

Title Author
“Navigating Life in a World that has Been Scarred by the Fall: Reflections on Ecclesiastes 9:7–10 and Living in a World of Suffering" Robert McCabe
The Parable of the Prodigal Father: An Interpretative Key to the Third Gospel (Luke 15:11-32) Trevor Burke
Sin Seizing an Opportunity through the Commandments: The Law in 1 Tim 1:8-11 and Rom 6-8 Dillon Thornton
“The Meaning of Hebel in Ecclesiastes: An Intertextual Suggestion.” Russell Meek
“On the Development of Historical Criticism.” Russell Meek
“The Abishag Episode: Re-examining the Role of Virility in 1 Kings 1:1–4 in Light of the Kirtu Cycle and the Sumerian Folktale of the Old Man and the Young Woman.” Russell Meek
“Wisdom Literature and the ‘Center’ of the Old Testament.” Russell Meek
"Intertextuality, Inner-Biblical Exegesis, and Inner-Biblical Allusion: The Ethics of a Methodology" Russell Meek
Ecclesiastes: A Participatory Study Guide Russell Meek
Biblical Judgments and Theological Concepts: Toward a Defense of Imputed Righteousness Jordan Barrett
A Kryptic Model of the Incarnation Andrew Loke
Nahum’s Representation of and Response to Neo-Assyria: Imperialism as a Multifaceted Point of Contact in Nahum Daniel Timmer
The Present and Future of the ETS: Women’s Involvement with the Society, the Journal, and Membership Cristina Richie
The Box: Answering the Faith of Unbelief Craig Biehl
True Myth: C. S. Lewis and Joseph Campbell on the Veracity of Christianity James Menzies
Psalms 1-2: Gateway to the Psalter Robert Cole
Candle Drippings: Musings from My Mind and Other itninerant Places Kenneth Cooper
Darius the Mede: A Reappraisal Steven Anderson
Foreknowledge and Social Identity in 1 Peter Paul Himes
A Biblical Theology of the Holy Spirit Trevor Burke
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