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Message from the Executive Committee

Dear Fellow ETS Members,

The goal of this short communication from the Executive Committee of the Evangelical Theological Society is to
• clarify the impact of the resolutions adopted at Annual Meetings, including the most recent one
• reaffirm the Society’s foundational convictions
• express our commitment to review, renew, and refine our processes

Clarify the Impact of Resolutions Adopted at Annual Meetings
There have been a number of questions about the resolutions that were adopted at the 2015 Annual Business Meeting. Many of these relate to the content and meaning of the resolutions themselves, but the most urgent questions concern the impact of the resolutions—must members affirm them? Will they be used for screening membership? Do they have binding force, or indeed any force at all?

JETS 58-4 Available Online

The December issue of JETS is now available online. Click here to check it out. Members and subscribers will receive their paper copy in the coming weeks.

ETS Staff

67th Annual Meeting Audio Recordings Now Available For Sale

WordMp3.com has now made available the audio recordings of the 67th meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society (2015, Atlanta). Over 700 talks are now available, individually as well as in a set containing all of the recordings: http://www.wordmp3.com/ets-recordings

For those using a smartphone, a low cost monthly subscription will also give access to ETS recordings (since 2004) and more! http://www.wordmp3.com/product-group.aspx?id=1


For further inquiries, contact Gregg Strawbridge, Ph.D. (Director of Wordmp3.com) at wgs@wordmp3.com

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