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Call for Submissions

The Luther Rice Journal of Christian Studies, the academic publication of Luther Rice College & Seminary, exists to edify Christian leaders through scholarly articles and practical essays relevant to Christian life and ministry. The editorial board seeks submissions addressing various theological and practical topics in harmony with historic evangelical orthodoxy. For submission guidelines and inquiries, contact the editor at

William Wilson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of New Testament and Greek
770.484.1204 x 5612

JETS 61-1: Early Electronic Access Now Available

The March issue of JETS is now available online. Click here to check it out. Members and subscribers will receive their paper copy in mid-April.

ETS Staff

The 2018 Proposal Period Is Closed

Verifying That Your Submission Was Received

To view your proposal(s), please use the View My Paper Proposal(s) link the Annual Meeting Proposal System box on the left side of the homepage. (You must be logged in to view your proposals.)

If you see:

  • Submitted, your proposal was received and is awaiting adjudication.
  • Moved, your proposal was not accepted in the program unit session where it was submitted, but was rated highly enough to be considered for use in the discipline specific sessions.
  • Approved, your proposal was accepted. You will be contacted by email with session details. (See below for notificaiton timing.)
  • Declined, your proposal was not accepted. Unfortunately, due to the high volume, we are not able to provide individual feedback on declined proposals.
  • Held, your proposal was rated highly, but there was not room for it in the program. In the event of a cancelation in an appropriate session, we may contact you regarding the potentail of adding your paper to the program.

Notification Timeline

Call for Article Submissions

Presbyterion, the academic journal of Covenant Theological Seminary, is expanding in size and frequency of publication. It seeks submissions of articles in the fields of biblical studies, theology, church history, and practical theology. Preference will be given to articles that 1) are about 3,000-6,000 words in length, and 2) exhibit excellence in scholarship from a Christian perspective. Relevance to pastoral practitioners is also a plus. For initial review please send a Word file or pdf to the editor at

Teaching Opportunity in the Ukraine (UPDATED)

There is an opportunity to teach at the Zaporozhye Bible College and Seminary in Ukraine in their MTh program.

ZBCS is a missionary endeavor. It is a nonprofit organization. All visiting professors are in effect short term missionaries. You would need to raise your own airfare and bring 350 Euro (or equivalent) for food and transport.

Journal of Biblical and Theological Studies Call for Papers

The Journal of Biblical and Theological Studies (JBTS) is a new open-source online journal in the field of biblical and theological studies (viewable at The journal will also be available in print through Wipf & Stock.

Written from an inter-denominational evangelical point of view, the journal is reviewed by an editorial board of faculty that represent several academic institutions throughout the world.

Message from the Executive Committee

Dear Fellow ETS Members,

The goal of this short communication from the Executive Committee of the Evangelical Theological Society is to
• clarify the impact of the resolutions adopted at Annual Meetings, including the most recent one
• reaffirm the Society’s foundational convictions
• express our commitment to review, renew, and refine our processes

Clarify the Impact of Resolutions Adopted at Annual Meetings
There have been a number of questions about the resolutions that were adopted at the 2015 Annual Business Meeting. Many of these relate to the content and meaning of the resolutions themselves, but the most urgent questions concern the impact of the resolutions—must members affirm them? Will they be used for screening membership? Do they have binding force, or indeed any force at all?

67th Annual Meeting Audio Recordings Now Available For Sale has now made available the audio recordings of the 67th meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society (2015, Atlanta). Over 700 talks are now available, individually as well as in a set containing all of the recordings:

For those using a smartphone, a low cost monthly subscription will also give access to ETS recordings (since 2004) and more!

For further inquiries, contact Gregg Strawbridge, Ph.D. (Director of at

Request for Moderators for the Discipline Specific and Theme sessions

If you would like to moderate a Discipline Specific or Theme session please complete this Online Form. These sessions are marked in the Draft with a D (Discipline) or T (Theme).

The deadline to volunteer to moderate a session is July 31st.

Annual Meeting Paper Proposal Notifications Completed

We have completed all of the paper proposal notifications. If you did not receive the email informing you of the status of your paper proposal please click on the "View My Paper Proposal(s)" link to the left in the "Annual Meeting Proposal System" box.

If your paper proposal was accepted, you will receive an email with your session details by July 15th. Please email any name, affiliation, and/or title corrections to by July 31st. Corrections received after July 31st will not be included in the printed program.

Teaching Opportunity in the Ukraine

There is an opportunity to teach at the Zaporozhye Bible College and Seminary in Ukraine in their MA program.

ZBCS is a missionary endeavor. It is a nonprofit organization. All visiting professors are in effect short term missionaries. You would need to raise your own airfare and bring 250 Euro (or equivalent) for food and transport.

ETS Annual Meeting Student Scholarship Program

The ETS Executive Committee is pleased to announce the Annual Meeting Student Scholarship Program. This program is designed to help academically promising students who find participation in the Society economically prohibitive, or who come from a traditionally underrepresented group to get to know the Society, its functions, its leaders, and the role it plays in supporting conservative evangelical scholarship. The goal of the program is to encourage and support students, who might otherwise not participate in the Society, to appreciate the value of membership and the profitable part that it might play in their academic and ministry futures.

Scholarship recipients will receive a two-year benefit package including:

Annual Meeting Student Scholarship Program FAQ

Do you have questions about the Annual Meeting Student Scholarship Program? Visit the Scholarship FAQ page. The FAQ is updated regularly as we get new questions about the program.

Inaugural Issue of Journal for the Evangelical Study of the Old Testament

The first issue of a new peer-reviewed journal titled Journal for the Evangelical Study of the Old Testament is now available at The issue includes 5 new articles and 15 book reviews that can be freely downloaded online and can be purchased in print through Wipf and Stock Publishers. The journal features articles by Michael S. Heiser, Eugene H. Merrill, Joel E. Anderson, Todd Scacewater, and John F. Hobbins.

Website Feature: ETS Members Publications

For years the Society published an annual list of new and forthcoming publications by its members in the Annual Newsletter. This year marks a significant transition as we move the publications listing online. With this new system, ETS members can now login and post their new publications online as they are published. The online listing will allow anyone to view the most recent publications by our members, search for publications by subject, and current members will be able to search for publications by author. The five most recent publications will be listed in the right margin of the homepage. (This section will appear once the first new publications have been entered.)

The New Publications page and each of the subject listings is RSS compatible, so whether you want to keep track of all things new or you want to follow a particular subject, just add the feed to your favorite RSS reader and you'll stay up to date with the latest in evangelical scholarship from ETS members. Follow the links on the search page for all the various access options.

New Website Feature: ETS Career Connections

The ETS Career Connections pages are designed to help potential employers and job candidates to connect. Through the Career Connections Candidate Listing service, ETS members who are seeking academic employment will be able to post basic contact, education, and speciality information. Candidates will also be able to post a PDF of their CV materials so that interested employers will be able to see their credentials in more detail.

Through the Career Connections Opportunity Listing service, institutions will be able to post new job listings. With space for detailed position descriptions and contact information, institutions will be able to advertise clearly their open positions to evangelical scholars around the world.

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