POWER Living Through Science

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Keen, Brian. POWER Living Through Science Bloomington, IN: iUniverse, 2010.


Most ethical categories are based upon philosophical concepts rather than scientific Laws. The truth can be known with Theanthropic Ethics, which understands theology as a scientific discipline.

By using this approach, author Brian Keen, President of the Ethics Institute, describes a method of applying professional ethical standards using scientific methodologies. Individuals can use this approach to become successful, and businesses can apply these concepts in preparation of achieving a Certified Ethical Enterprise status.

Dr. Keen has researched numerous ethical categories, and has only found one that is scientifically based and that has a practical application, namely Theanthropic Ethics. Does the average business know to which ethical category it subscribes? Many businesses have no idea.

Any business requires the POWER to succeed. A business operating in an ethical manner will have the POWER necessary to succeed. Businesses utilize scientific methodologies, such as accounting. Why not learn the POWER of Theanthropic Ethics which is one of the few scientifically-based ethical categories.

Businesses need POWER Living People to employ, since ethical employees are a true asset. Professionals are encouraged to build on their professional ethical standards to become POWER Living People.

POWER Living Through Science can help determine the difference between Truth and lies and answer any ethical dilemma. Start achieving your goals through Theanthropic Ethics!

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