Thursday, November 16

Parallel Session C:

  • Church History
    Baptist Theology and History
    Convention Center – 556 B

    New Moderator
    Moderator: Robert Pendergraft
    (University of Mary Hardin-Baylor)

  • Additional Special Event Lunch

    11:45 AM to 12:45 PM
    Westminster Alumni Lunch

    Westminster Theological Seminary
    Hilton – Renaissance Room

    Parallel Session D:

  • Does Sola Scriptura Have a Future? The Reformation and Biblical Authority
    Omni — Narragansett Ball B

    Presentation times changed and panel discussion added
    3:00 PM—3:30 PM
    John Woodbridge*
    Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
    Biblical Authority in the Nineteenth Century: A Critique of David Bebbington's Proposal

    3:40 PM—4:10 PM
    Matthew Barrett
    Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
    Balancing Sola Scriptura and Catholic Trinitarianism: John Calvin and Nicene Complexity

    4:20 PM—4:50 PM
    David Garner
    Westminster Theological Seminary
    ‘Living and Active’: Scripture, the Holy Spirit, and the Church

    5:00 PM—5:30 PM
    Owen Strachan
    Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
    Retrieving Theopneustos: The Reformation's Legacy and the Theologian’s Errand

    5:40 PM—6:10 PM
    Panel Discussion

  • Evangelical Philosophical Society D3
    Debating Christian Physicalism
    Omni – Waterplace I

    Charles Taliaferro
    (St. Olaf College)
    Lynne Baker
    (University of Massachusetts)

    Brandon Rickabaugh
    (Baylor University)
    Nancey Murphy

  • Narrative Anaylsis and Vindication the Vilified
    Omni – Providence III

    Corrected Session Details

    3:00 PM—3:20 PM
    Glenn Kreider
    Dallas Theological Seminary
    Eve, Adam, and the Danger of Extrapolation

    3:30 PM—3:50 PM
    Carolyn Custis James*
    Biblical Theological Seminary
    How the Tamar-and-Judah Narrative Functions in Joseph’s Story

    4:00 PM—4:20 PM
    Sarah Bowler
    Bathsheba’s Responsibility in Light of Narrative Analysis

    4:30 PM—4:50 PM
    Amy Peeler
    Wheaton College
    Word Usage and Backgrounds: The Practice of Dual Naming and Its Ramifications for Understanding Junia/Joanna

    5:00 PM—6:10 PM
    Panel Discussion

  • The Book of Revelation
    Israel and the Nations in the Book of Revelation
    Convention Center — Room 554 A

    3:00 PM – 3:35 PM
    Alan S. Bandy
    (Oklahoma Baptist University)
    A History of Interpretation of Israel and the Nations in the Book of Revelation

  • Additional Evening Special Event

    9:15 PM to 10:45 PM
    The Master's Seminary Alumni Evening

    The Master's Seminary
    Convention Center - Room 552 A