Print Production Issue with JETS 56.3 - UPDATE

UPDATED - October 28, 2013

We are in the process of printing and mailing a corrected cover to all members and subscribers. The cover is adhesive and can be permanently affixed over the incorrect cover and spine so that the correct table of contents and issue information will be visible on the front, and the correct issue information will be visible on the spine.

We will post another update when the corrected covers have shipped.

In the interim, we have posted a PDF of the correct cover. You can download the PDF here: 56-3 Cover

We have been alerted to a print production error with the latest issue of JETS, 56.3. The contents of the issue are correct, but the cover from the previous issue was accidentally printed and bound with the new material. The problem occurred after our editors were finished with the issue, so we are investigating the production error with our print partners so we can help avoid future errors. We are exploring options for corrections with our print partners. As we have more information, we will be in touch with members and subscribers directly.

For now, be assured that you have the latest content, including the articles, reviews, and ads, from 56.3. Below is a correct listing of the contents from this issue (to view the table of contents online, click here).

Volume 56, No. 3 — September 2013

Two Testaments in Parallel: The Influence of the Old Testament on the Structuring of the New Testament Canon 459
Gregory Goswell

Recent Archaeological Discoveries that Lend Credence to the Historicity of the Scriptures 475
Michael A. Grisanti

Presuppositions and Harmonization: Luke 23:47 as a Test Case 499
Vern S. Poythress

On The Third Day”: The Time Frame of Jesus’ Death and Resurrection 511
Martin Pickup

1 Timothy 2:13–15: Paul’s Retelling of Genesis 2:4–4:1 543
Andrew B. Spurgeon

Healing in the Pauline Epistles: Why the Silence? 557
Eliezer Gonzalez

Not Only That (οὐ μόνον), But It Has Been Said Before: A Response to Verlyn Verbrugge, or Why Reading Previous Scholarship Can Avoid Scholarly Misunderstandings 577
Stanley E. Porter

Response to Stanley E. Porter 585
Verlyn D. Verbrugge

Book Reviews 589
Books Received 665
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