Application Requirements

Application Requirements (all in one PDF, RTF, or DOC file)

  • Proposed consultation name
  • Synopsis of the Consultation’s theme (100 words max)
  • Rationale for the Consultation’s existence (200 word max)
  • Distinction from similar units / overlapping units
  • Highlights of the non-partisan nature of committee, initial topics, and potential participants. Be sure to indicate if any steering committee members are already serving on another program unit committee.
  • Names and a short vita (max one page) for each steering committee member and an indication of who will initially serve as the chairperson
    • Vitas should include phone numbers, and postal and e-mail addresses for each.
  • Estimated size of the first session attendance

Applications should be submitted to the PUC Chair. Applications will be judged on the basis of the quality of the application, adherence to consultation guidelines outlined above, level of interest in the topic, and availability of open program unit slots in the annual meeting program.