2016 Paper Proposal Period is Closed

Notification Timeline

Proposals submitted to a Program Unit

  • Proposals made to a program unit will be evaluated by April 30
  • Notifications will be made by May 15

Proposals submitted to Theme or Discipline Specific Sessions, and Proposals Moved from the Program Unit Queue

  • Proposals made or moved to the discipline specific or theme sessions will be evaluated by June 15
  • Notifications will be made by June 30

Unfortunately, given the high volume of proposals, we will not be able to respond to individual inquiries about the status of a proposal.

Click the Read More link for Instructions on how to check the status of your proposal:

Please use the View My Paper Proposal(s) link the Annual Meeting Proposal System box on the left side of the homepage. (You must be logged in to view your proposals.)

If you see:

  • Submitted: your proposal was received and is awaiting adjudication.
  • Moved: your proposal was not accepted in the program unit session where it was submitted, but was rated highly enough to be considered for use in the discipline specific sessions.
  • Approved: your proposal was accepted. You will be contacted by email with session details. (See below for notificaiton timing.)
  • Declined: your proposal was not accepted. Unfortunately, due to the high volume, we are not able to provide individual feedback on declined proposals.
  • Held: your proposal was rated highly, but there was not room for it in the program. In the event of a cancelation in an appropriate session, we may contact you regarding the potentail of adding your paper to the program.