2016 Annual Newsletter

Dear Fellow Members,

As we strive together to serve the church through our scholarship, teaching, and preaching, it is helpful to periodically pause to reflect on the past, to consider the future, and to celebrate together.

The 2016 Annual Newsletter is one way we can reflect on the Society. In this edition you'll find:

  • my take on fulfilling the Society's purpose in the Director's Letter
  • Whence and Whither ETS? by Stanley Gundry, a past president, in the Presidents' Corner
  • Abstract
    In the last business session of the 2015 national Meeting of ETS a set of four resolutions was moved and passed that affirmed human dignity and worth, marriage as a life-long union of one man and one woman, sexual intimacy as reserved for such marriages, and an affirmation of distinct traits of manhood and womanhood as an unchangeable gift that constitutes personal identity. In the aftermath some ETS members expressed dismay that any ETS member would vote against passage of the resolutions. Others, I among them, were shocked that resolutions of this nature would be proposed and passed by a substantial majority. In this open letter to ETS members, I explain the problems with the resolutions and​ the real issue at stake: Will ETS be true to is Doctrinal Basis and its Statement of Purpose? Hence, my open letter to ETS members, Whence and Whither ETS?​

  • a look the 2016 Annual Meeting Student Scholarship recipients
  • and a snapshot of the Society "by the numbers" where you can see a statement of the Society's financial position and a snapshot of our member and subcriber numbers.

You can download the entire newsletter or the individual sections via the links above.

Thank you for being part of the Society! I hope to see you at the Annual Meeting in San Antonio.


J. Michael Thigpen
Executive Director