The Proposal Period is now open

70th Annual Meeting
November 13-15, 2018, Denver, CO
Theme: “Holy Spirit”

The proposal period is now open. The proposal period will close at 5:00 pm (Central) on March 29.

The Proposal Process

Proposals must be submitted online through the proposal system. Proposals submitted by email will not be accepted. You may not submit a proposal for anyone else.

To submit a proposal, login to the website and select the Submit Paper Proposal link from the Annual Meeting Proposal System menu. We strongly recommend that you view the Online Proposal System Guide before submitting your proposal. This guide will help you understand the process from start to finish.

An automated email will be sent to you confirming a successful proposal submission. You can check the status of your proposal by clicking the View my paper proposal(s) link in the Annual Meeting Proposal System menu.

Key Helps for the Proposal Process

We frequently get requests each year for recommendations on how to craft a quality proposal. We've put together several key features that every proposal should have and published it on the website. Click here to view our Tips for Crafting a Quality Proposal.

Ph.D. Students

A special guide for students submitting a proposal is also available. Recommendations for student papers may be emailed directly to us or attached as a file with the proposal. We have created a guide for professors on the information we need. Click here to view it. Ph.D. students submitting a proposal should send the guide to their sponsoring professor.

Proposing a Session

There is a separate proposal form for those who want to organize and propose an entire session. To propose a session, select the Propose a Session link in the Annual Meeting Proposal System menu.

For questions or assistance with the proposal system, please email