Submitting Your Proposal

Step 10: Save Your Proposal

To complete the proposal process, you must save your submission.

To do so, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save.

After clicking Save you should see a summary of your proposal and a message at the top of the page indicating that your paper submission has been successfully created.

Successful Submission

You can view your successfully submitted proposal(s) by clicking the View My Paper Proposal(s) link in the Annual Meeting Proposal System menu. If your proposal shows there, it has been successfully saved in the system and submitted for consideration. (The proposal system will be turned off when the proposal period ends. Timestamps are not considered. As long as your proposal was successfully submitted, regardless of the timestamp, it is ready for the review process.)

Successful Proposals

Status Categories

  • Submitted - means that the proposal was successfully submitted and is under review. (See the timeline for notification deadlines)
  • Approved - means that the proposal was accepted and that you will be receiving session details by July 15th.
  • Moved - means that the program unit did not choose this proposal for inclusion for their session, but that it has been moved to the discipline specific queue for possible inclusion in one of the discipline specific sessions. You will be notified by email by June 30 whether or not the proposal has been accepted into a discipline specific session.
  • Held - means that this proposal was not accepted for inclusion in a session, but was deemed to be of a high enough quality that it will be held and potentially used if there is a cancellation in an appropriate session.

Notification Timeline

  • Proposal period closes at 5:00pm (PDT) on March 31st
  • Members who submitted to a section open session will be notified if their proposal was accepted, moved, held, or declined between April 30th and May 15th.
  • Members who submitted to or had a proposal moved to a discipline specific or theme session will be notified if their proposal was accepted, held, or declined between June 15th and 30th.
  • Session details will be sent out to all participants by July 15th.