Section Open Session Theme Announcements

In addition to an invited session, sections also manage one open session at the annual meeting. The following sections have announced themes for their open sessions. Submissions to these units should conform to the announced theme.

  • American Christianity

    The American Christianity Section invites papers on the history of Christianity in America. Scholars interested in social, theological, institutional, ecclesial and other American historical themes are encouraged to submit proposals. In keeping with the conference theme, we are especially interested in papers that deal with some aspect of the legacy of the Reformation in America, broadly conceived. However, we welcome strong proposals related to American Christianity that fall beyond that theme. Strong proposals will demonstrate a commitment to solid historical research to support a thesis-driven paper.

  • Christian History & Thought Since 1700

    CHT also invites papers for its Open Session on the related theme: The Reformation Viewed From a Distance.
    If you are working in the subject area of the rekindling of interest in the Reformation era in the period since 1700, submit your proposal through the ETS proposal system. Designate your proposal to CHT. Queries to:

  • Johannine Literature

    Theme: Unity and Diversity: Connections Between the Fourth Gospel and Revelation

  • Pentateuch

    The Pentateuch Section provides a setting within the Evangelical Theological Society for presentation and discussion of research on the Pentateuch. This year the Pentateuch Section will host one invited session and one open session, each consisting of four presentations. We welcome proposals for papers to be presented at the open session, especially papers that explore the Pentateuch in its ancient Near Eastern context and reflect upon its theological significance for today. Proposed papers need not relate to this year’s conference theme (“The Heritage of the Reformation”), although they certainly may. Successful proposals will have a well-defined topic and a clear thesis and will actively engage the relevant primary and secondary sources.

  • Theology for Counseling and Pastoral Care

    2017 Invited Session Theme: Madness: Evangelical Pastoral Care in the Age of Psychiatry

    “Madness: Evangelical Pastoral Care in the Age of Psychiatry” is a stimulating and timely theme. This is likely to generate interest from a variety of academic and ministry disciplines. Evangelical positions on pastoral care regarding mental illness have not been uniform. Controversy has been the norm. Given the reformation theme of ETS this year, our section presentations will build on the historical review provided in the text by Dr. Vacek. Each presenter will offer contemporary biblical and theological perspectives.

    Submissions that touch on this theme will be given priority. Our practice for our open session presentations is that any proposals that connect theology to pastoral care and counseling is welcome. Proposals rated by our section peer reviewers may be recommended for placement in general ETS sessions. The specialty discipline of the presenter (s) does not to be in counseling. Jointly prepared, cross-discipline papers are encouraged. This is an encouragement to pair those invested in biblical or theological disciplines with those in pastoral and counseling ministry.

    Our expectation is that the papers in this section are on their way to publication. Session discussions provides peer consultation and should stimulates dialogue across specializations.