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Theme and General Discipline Session Moderators

Please complete this form if you would like to moderate one of the Theme or General Discipline sessions. You must be a full member or student member in a research PhD program to be eligible to moderate a session.

The Sessions that need moderators say, "Moderator: TBD" in red.

All requests to moderate must be submitted by July 8th.

The moderator"s main duties are to:

  • Ensure the time constraints are followed.
  • Introduce the speaker on time (following the times in the program)
  • Discuss the expected length of the presentation with the presenter.
  • Give the speaker a visual cue when they have reached 25-30 mins so that 10-15 mins can be reserved for questions.
  • Invite the audience to ask questions. Facilitate calling on audience members if the speaker does not see all of the hands being raised.
  • Cut off discussion at the end of the allotted time so that the break can take place
  • Invite the audience to stay for the next paper
  • You should feel free (but not obligated) to ask a question if there is a lull.