Section Guidelines

Section Invited Session

  • Invited Sessions should be submitted via the online form, Invited Session Form by March 31st.

  • Please ask all potential participants if they are ETS members AND if they have been asked to participate in another session at ETS. Ideally, if your potential participant is already slated to be in another session, the committee should consider another participant.

  • Each program unit is allowed to invite one non-member presenter or respondent. You may email Bonnie Thigpen at to inquire whether or not a potential participant is a member of ETS. All approved non-member presenters will be registered for conference for free.

  • Requests for exceptions to the non-member policy should be done prior to submitting the session details. Please direct all requests for exceptions to Mike Thigpen ( Exceptions are granted on a limited basis.

  • The program unit chair will provide the name, affiliation, presentation title (if applicable), and email address for each participant via the online form, Invited Session Form . ETS will then contact each participant to confirm their participation details for the printed program and request their abstract (if applicable) for the website and program app.

Section Open Sessions

  • This process will begin April 1 and should be completed by April 30th. Final selections for the Section Open session are the responsibility of the Section Steering Committee and must be submitted by April 30th.

  • Evaluating and Rating Proposals:
    Beginning April 1, steering committee members will be able to login to the website and view submissions to your unit. Committee members will read each proposal and rate it as to overall quality on a scale of 1-5 stars. (1 star means the proposal should not be used in any way in the program, 5 means the proposal should definitely be included if at all possible). Committee members should leave evaluative comments as to fit for the session. The rating process should be completed by April 15th.

    Please note that if a proposal is not accepted for your unit and it is rated highly enough, it will be passed on to the general session committee for review. Your ratings and evaluative comments will be of great service as we consider proposals that you do not include in your unit's session(s). Please remember to rate based on quality and comment on fit for your unit. A low rating based on fit will impact consideration of the proposal for a discipline specific or theme session.

    For a complete tutorial on using the system to rate papers, including screenshots, please view the Proposal Review Guide (

  • Once the rating process is complete the steering committee should then choose the 4 papers to be included in the Section Open session. It is up to the steering committee as to which papers they deem most appropriate for the session. You may choose the 4 highest rated papers or the 4 papers that make the most cohesive session. The Open Session details should then be submitted via the online form, Section Open Session Form by April 30th.