Attaching Files

Step 9: Attaching Files

Acceptable file formats are PDF, DOC, and RTF. PDFs are preferred as a PDF will do the best job of preserving fonts, formating, layout. File names should be short, ideally with no spaces and no symbols. E.g. NOT "John Doe ETS Proposal #1.pdf" , but "DoeETSProposal1.pdf"

To attach a file: Click on the File Attachments link. (See Figure 4)

Figure 4
File Attachments

Then click Choose File. (See Figure 5.) Select the file and click Attach. Repeat this process if you have a second file that needs to be attached.

Figure 5
File Attachments

After you've attached any necessary files, the last step is to save and submit your proposal. To view the next step, select the Submitting Your Proposal link below.