The Society has 3 standing committees beyond the Executive Committee. Information about each committee and the members serving on the committee is detailed below.


The Nominations committee is responsible for considering, selecting, and presenting a candidate for Vice-President and the remaining slate of officers for election at the Annual Business Meeting. The members of this committee include the two most recent past presidents and three full members elected at the Annual Business Meeting. The most recent past president chairs the committee.

2020 Members

  • Michael J. Kruger, Chair
  • David S. Dockery
  • Greg Beale
  • Lynn Cohick
  • Steve Wellum

Program Units Committee

The Program Units Committee oversees new applications, renewal applications, policy and procedures for the program units.


  • J. Michael Thigpen, Chair
  • Daniel Estes
  • Greg Peters
  • Ray Van Neste

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee handles appeals of membership decisions regarding eligibility for membership, qualifications for full membership, and challenges to membership. This committee is chaired by the ETS Secretary.


  • Gregg Allison, Chair
  • Dorian Coover-Cox (2020)
  • Owen Strachan (2020)
  • Rustin Umstattd (2021)
  • Mark Hassler (2021)
  • Andy Naselli (2022)
  • Madison Pierce (2022)