New Publications by ETS Members

Title Author
Una Introducción a La Crítica Textual de La Biblia Ruben Videira Soengas
Matthew’s Account of the Massacre of the Innocents in Light of its Reception History Sung Cho
"A Theology of Believer's Repentance in Habakkuk from a Triadic Interpretative Approach" Cory Marsh
"The Semantics of ἐν ᾧ in 1 Peter" Jordan Atkinson
"'Our' Poets at Athens? Reconsidering a Variant Reading in Acts 17,28" Nathan Nadeau
"The Sacramental Ontology of the Church" Melissa Davis
"The Philosophy of History and New Testament History: A Survey of the Former with Some Implications for the Latter" Nathan Nadeau
"Shared Christian Religious Identity, Religiousness, and Marital Satisfaction" Ryan Fraser
Old Testament Use of Old Testament Gary Schnittjer
The Trial of the 16th Century: Calvin & Servetus Jonathan Moorhead
"Eye-Opening Dinners with a Dead prophet, a Beauty, and a Witch: The Influence of Samuel in 1 Samuel 25 and 28 via the Motifs of Food and `Seeing’” Timothy Yap
"The Purpose and the Function of the Feast of Tabernacles in Ezra 3" Timothy Yap
"Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace: Another Look at the Objection to the Mixed Marriages in Ezra 9–10" Timothy Yap
"Three Passovers and a Funeral: Reading Ezra 6:19–22 in Light of the Hezekiah and Josiah Passover Narratives" Timothy Yap
"A Southern Baptist Story in the Philippines: The Life and Ministry of Henry P. Silbor, 1938-2010" John Paul Arceno
"Utopian Virtual Reality in Ready Player One: Responding with Real Hope and the Christian Teleos" John Paul Arceno
Carl F. H. Henry on the Holy Spirit Jesse Payne
Biblical Aramaic for Biblical Interpreters Scott Callaham
The Ground of Holy Life David Cho
Some New Insights and a Note Regarding Alexander Jannaeus Anchor/Star (TJC Group L) Coins. Kevin Larsen
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