New Publications by ETS Members

Title Author
Art as Therapeutic Beauty and a Visible “Sermon” to the World Gregory Lamb
Rhetorical Economy in Augustine's Theology Brian Gronewoller
Synchronic with Caveats: A Fourth Wave of Interpretation for the Fourth Gospel Cory Marsh
Cursing with God: The Imprecatory Psalms and the Ethics of Christian Prayer Trevor Laurence
Thomas the (Un)Faithful: Πιστός in John 20.27 Christopher Seglenieks
Forgiveness as the Mitigation of Punishment in Kings: Repentance, the Monarchy, and Divine Motive J Michael Thigpen
'New Creation' in Paul Sherif Fahim
Justification, Sanctification, and Union with Christ: Fresh Insights from Calvin, Westminster, and Walter Marshall Sherif Fahim
The Quest for Early Church Historiography From Ferdinand C. Baur to Bart D. Ehrman and Beyond Jeremiah Mutie
The Book of the Twelve David Fuller
The Star and the Magi in Jacob of Serugh and the Early Syriac Tradition Daniel McConaughy
The Rhetoric of Matthean “Small Faith” Christopher Seglenieks
"Will the Ax Boast Against the One Who Cuts with It?" The Use of Axes and Pickaxes in Iron Age Warfare Seth Rodriquez
Reading 2 Peter with wisdom: Can a wisdom hermeneutic best explain the "enigmatic" epistle? David Burge
A Sub-Christian Epistle? Appreciating 2 Peter as an Anti-Sophistic Polemic David Burge
"The De-Creation of Genesis 1 in the Trumpets of Revelation 8-9" Craig Robinson
Saving the Church of England John Edwards (1637–1716) as Dissenting Conformer Dan Norman
The Greek Word Study Thesaurus: With Vocabulary from The Greek New Testament Christopher Lenz
"The Function of the Women's Victory Song in 1 Samuel" Timothy Yap
God's Daring Dozen: A Minor Prophet Series Brian Wright
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