New Publications by ETS Members

Title Author
"One Can't Believe Impossible Things": A New Defence of Penal Substitutionary Atonement in Light of the Legal Concepts of Vicarious Liability and Respondeat Superior Chris Woznicki
The Coherence of Penal Substitution: An Edwardsean Defence Chris Woznicki
A Messianic Commentary: Paul Presents to the Philippians Unity In The Messianic Community R. Sean Emslie
World Mission: Theology, Strategy, and Current Issues Scott Callaham
Breaking through the Language Barrier in Global Theological Education Scott Callaham
The Rhythm of the Christian Life: Recapturing the Joy of Life Together Brian Wright
Counterfeit Religion: A Biblical Analysis of Cults, Sects, & False Religious Movements Michael Burgos
Encountering World Religions Irving Hexham
Untrustworthy Believers: The Rhetorical Strategy of the Johannine Language of Commitment and Belief Christopher Seglenieks
John Owen and Hebrews: The Foundation of Biblical Interpretation John Tweeddale
The Metaphysics of Jonathan Edwards’s “Personal Narrative”: Continuous Creation, Personal Identity, and Spiritual Development Chris Woznicki
"Living is Christ and Dying is Gain: Paul's Reimagining of Human Flourishing in Philippians" Gregory Lamb
"Israel and Her Vocation: The Fourth Stage of Romans 11" Paul Himes
Maimonides's Yahweh: Rabbinic Judaism's Attempt to Answer the Incarnation Question Amy Downey
Sing to the LORD a New Song (in Chinese)! An L2 Songwriting Experience at the Intersection of Faith and Scholarship Scott Callaham
Understanding Affections in the Theology of Jonathan Edwards: "The High Exercises of Divine Love" Ryan Martin
Susie: The Life and Legacy of Susannah Spurgeon Ray Rhodes
Revelation and Response: The Why and How of Leading Corporate Worship Through Song Samuel Parkison
Préface de Thomas L. Holtzen for John Henry Newman, Conférences sur la Doctrine de la Justification Thomas Holtzen
Newman’s Interpretation of Luther: A Reappraisal Thomas Holtzen
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