New Publications by ETS Members

Title Author
John's Use of Ezekiel: Understanding the Unique Perspective of the Fourth Gospel Brian Peterson
Mother-Child Narratives and the Kingdom of God: Authorial Use of Typology as an Interpretive Device in Samuel-Kings Christopher Jero
The Abusive Wife - Ministering to the Contentious Woman David Edgington
Randomness, Compatibilism and Divine Providence James Lefeu
The New Chosen People: A Corporate View of Election, revised and expanded edition. William Klein
Paul's Covert Use of Scripture: Intertextuality and Rhetorical Situation in Philippians 2:10-16 David McAuley
Christian Counseling for Life and Growth Lawrence Chan
Who Shall Ascend the Mountain of the LORD? A Biblical Theology of Leviticus L. Michael Morales
A Message from the Great King: Reading Malachi in Light of Ancient Persian Royal Messenger Texts from the Time of Xerxes. R. Michael Fox
Rewriting the Gospel for Oral Cultures: Why Honor-Shame are Essential to the Gospel Story Jackson Wu
“How Would Jesus Tell It?: Crafting Stories for Honor-Shame Cultures” Jackson Wu
“Why Has the Church Lost ‘Face’?: Examining Our Blind Spot about Honor and Shame.” Jackson Wu
"'Appareled in Christ': Union with Christ in the Soteriology of John Jewel." Andre Gazal
"Edward Barber (1768-1834)" Andre Gazal
Paul and His Mortality: Imitating Christ in the Face of Death R. Gregory Jenks
"After the Deportation": Observations in Matthew's Apocalyptic Genealogy Nicholas Piotrowski
Luis de Molina: The Life and Theology of the Founder of Middle Knowledge Kirk MacGregor
As It Was in the Beginning: An Intertextual Analysis of New Creation in Galatians, 2 Corinthians, and Ephesians Mark Owens
The Love of God: A Canonical Model John Peckham
Hermeneutics as Epistemology: A Critical Assessment of Carl F. H. Henry's Epistemological Approach to Hermeneutics William Roach
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