New Publications by ETS Members

Title Author
The Augustinian Perspective on the Transmission of Original Sin and Assisted Reproductive Technologies Cristina Richie
How Abrahamic Is 'Abrahamic Dialogue'? George Bristow
Abraham in Narrative Worldviews: Reflections on Doing Comparative Theology through Christian–Muslim Conversation in Turkey. George Bristow
Sharing Abraham?: Narrative Worldview, Biblical and Qur'anic Interpretation and Comparative Theology in Turkey George Bristow
Spurgeon’s Use of Luther against the Oxford Movement Geoffrey Chang
A Redemptive Theology of Art: Restoring Godly Aesthetics to Doctrine and Culture David Covington
Credo Michael Burgos
Against Oneness Pentecostalism: An Exegetical-Theological Critique, 2nd Edition Michael Burgos
First Peter's Identity Theology and the Community of Faith: A Test-Case in How Social Scientific Criticism Can Assist with Theological Ethics via Biblical Theology Paul Himes
Bearing YHWH’s Name at Sinai: A Reexamination of the Name Command of the Decalogue Carmen Imes
Our Representational Reign: Royal Leadership in the United Monarchy J Michael Thigpen
Émile Durkheim Naomi Reese
Sociology Naomi Reese
Social Sciences Naomi Reese
Cultural Mandate Naomi Reese
Colin E. Gunton and Public Theologians: Toward a Trinitarian Public Theology Naomi Reese
"Thus Saith the Lord": Edwardsean Anti-criterialism and the Physicalist Problem of Resurrection Identity Christopher Woznicki
Defending Agabus as New Testament Prophet: A Content-based Study of His Predictions in Acts Sung Cho
The Plot-structure of Genesis: ‘Will the Righteous Seed Survive?’ in the Muthos-logical Movement from Complication to Dénouement Todd Patterson
Free Grace Theology on Trial: A Refutation of "Historical Protestant" Soteriology Anthony Badger
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