New Publications by ETS Members

Title Author
“Emotions, Empathy, and Engagement with God in Revelation 6:9–11.” David Seal
Redeeming Edwards’s Doctrine of Hell: An “Edwardsean” Account Christopher Woznicki
95 Theses for a New Reformation: For the Church on the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation Aaron Hebbard
God and Ultimate Origins: A Novel Cosmological Argument. Andrew Loke
The Concept of Exile in Late Second Temple Judaism: A Review of Recent Scholarship Nicholas Piotrowski
"Whatever You Ask" for the Missionary Purposes of the Eschatological Temple: Quotation and Typology in Mark 11–12 Nicholas Piotrowski
Divine Simplicity: A Biblical and Trinitarian Account Jordan Barrett
"The Empire Strikes Back: The Catholic Counter-Reformation in Spain and the World" Ruben Videira Soengas
The Biblical Accommodation Debate in Germany: Interpretation and the Enlightenment Hoon Lee
An Evangelical Reformed Perspective on the Relation between Justification and Sanctification Dennis Jowers
Original Sin and Its Effects Within the Economy of Salvation Dennis Jowers
Where Is Your Allegiance? The Message to the Seven Churches Paul Himes
The Formal Establishment of Pentecostalism in Tasmania, 1931-1935, Part II Damon Adams
A Critical Examination of the Coherence-Based Genealogical Method in New Testament Textual Criticism Peter Gurry
“According to Which ‘Law of Moses’? Cult Centralization in Samuel, Kings and Chronicles.” Benjamin Giffone
“Refining Spirit Hermeneutics" Craig Keener
“Pentecostal Biblical Interpretation/Spirit Hermeneutics" Craig Keener
"Miracles." Craig Keener
The NKJV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible Craig Keener
Communal Reading in the Time of Jesus: A Window into Early Christian Reading Practices Brian Wright
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