New Publications by ETS Members

Title Author
Émile Durkheim Naomi Reese
Sociology Naomi Reese
Social Sciences Naomi Reese
Cultural Mandate Naomi Reese
Colin E. Gunton and Public Theologians: Toward a Trinitarian Public Theology Naomi Reese
"Thus Saith the Lord": Edwardsean Anti-criterialism and the Physicalist Problem of Resurrection Identity Chris Woznicki
Defending Agabus as New Testament Prophet: A Content-based Study of His Predictions in Acts Sung Cho
The Plot-structure of Genesis: ‘Will the Righteous Seed Survive?’ in the Muthos-logical Movement from Complication to Dénouement Todd Patterson
Free Grace Theology on Trial: A Refutation of "Historical Protestant" Soteriology Anthony Badger
Confronting Calvinism: A Free Grace Refutation and Biblical Resolution of Radical Reformed Soteriology Anthony Badger
Redemption That Liberates: Political Theologies of Richard Mouw and Nam-dong Suh Wonho Jung
A Lost Page of Codex Bezae: Traces of the Bezan Greek Text of Acts 10.4–9 Elijah Hixson
The Biblical Canon Lists from Early Christianity: Texts and Analysis John Meade
The Biblical Canon Lists from Early Christianity: Texts and Analysis John Meade
Jesus, the Isaianic Servant: Quotations and Allusions in the Gospel of John Adam Day
Trees and Kings: A Comparative Analysis of Tree Imagery in Israel's Prophetic Tradition and the Ancient Near East William Osborne
Vaticanus Distigme-obelos Symbols Marking Added Text, Including 1 Corinthians 14.34–5 Philip Payne
What about Headship? From Hierarchy to Equality Philip Payne
"Verbal, Aspect, Aktionsart, and the Greek New Testament: The Approaches of Constantine R. Campbell and Stanley E. Porter" Gregory Lamb
<Quest for the Historical Apostles: Tracing Their Lives and Legacies> W. Brian Shelton
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