New Publications by ETS Members

Title Author
"(You're) The Devil in Disguise: The Theme of Disguise in 1 Samuel and 1 Kings" Timothy Yap
"Ministry in Laïque France: Understanding History to Confront Present Challenges" Stephen Davis
The French Huguenots and Wars of Religion: Three Centuries of Resistance for Freedom of Conscience Stephen Davis
God’s Unchanging Word in an Ever-Changing World Messages of Hope for Weary Christians Stephen Davis
Poetic Meditations on Selected Scriptures John Davis
Who are the Heirs of the Abrahamic Covenant? John Davis
Ongoing Personal Evangelism John Davis
Pastoral Reflections on Life and Ministry John Davis
Psalms Volume 1: The Wisdom Psalms Charles Savelle
A Constructively Critical Conversation between Nonviolent and Substitutionary Perspectives on Atonement Theological Motifs and Christological Implications Hojin Ahn
When History Teaches Us Nothing: The Recent Reformed Sonship Debate in Context Tim Trumper
"Basil of Caesarea, Inseparable Operations, and the Divinity of the Holy Spirit: A Pro-Nicene Case Study" Torey Teer
"Classical versus Contemporary: Engaging Trinitarian and Pneumatological Models for Ongoing Theological Construction" Torey Teer
"Inseparable Operations, Trinitarian Missions, and the Necessity of a Christological Pneumatology" Torey Teer
Topical Preaching in A Complex World: How to Preach Truth and Relevance at the Same Time Malcolm Gill
The Neglected Trinity: Recovering from Theological Amnesia Steven Tsoukalas
Scholarship on Fire: A History of the "Chair of Fire" and Southern Baptist Evangelism in Theological Education Beau Brewer
"The Text of Acts in MS Bibl. Nationale Syr. 30" Daniel McConaughy
The Universal and Cosmic Dimensions of the Vocation of the Magi in Jacob of Serug’s Mimro: On the Star that Appeared to the Magi Daniel McConaughy
Shengjing Yalanwen Scott Callaham
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