New Publications by ETS Members

Title Author
Ezra and Nehemiah Andrew Steinmann
The Second Reformation: Baptists in Colonial America Bruce Snavely
"Let's Get Biblical: Moving From Scripture to Theology Concerning Racial Reconciliation" Ardel Caneday
Thumbs Up For the Family Morris Inch
The Enigma of Justice Morris Inch
Christian Relationship with the World: Evangelicalism and the World Religions Robert Boyd
The Gospels in Early Christian Literature Murray Smith
The Political Context of the Gospels Murray Smith
“Living in the Last Days” Ardel Caneday
"Covenant Lineage Allegoricall Prefigured: 'Which Things Are Written Allegorically' Galatians 4:21-31" Ardel Caneday
"The Canon after Google: Implications of a Digitized and Destabilized Codex" Ched Spellman
“How Can I Live out the Biblical Worldview in a Culture that Does Not Share that Worldview?” Ardel Caneday
An Exegetical and Canonical Analysis of Leviticus 26: Laws, Covenants, Promises, and Warnings Ted Manby
The Titus Mandate Ted Bigelow
Le testament d'Elisée: Texte massorétique et Septante en 2 Rois 13,10-14,16 Matthieu Richelle
When God Says, "No" -- Reshaping Prayer and Learning to Listen Thomas Hauff
Les conquêtes de Hazaël selon la recension lucianique en 4 Règnes 13,22 Matthieu Richelle
"Elie et Elisée, auriges en Israël. Une métaphore militaire oubliée en 2 R 2,12 et 13,14" Matthieu Richelle
Faith Comes From Hearing: The Scandal of Preaching in a Digital Age Matthew O'Reilly
Five Things You Need to Know about Preaching through the Books of Scripture Matthew O'Reilly
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