New Publications by ETS Members

Title Author
The Gospel According to Christ: The Message of Jesus and How We Missed It Mark Stelter
“‘After this manner therefore pray ye’: Puritan Perspectives on the Lord’s Prayer” Brian Najapfour
The Very Heart of Prayer: Reclaiming John Bunyan’s Spirituality Brian Najapfour
Waters of Promise: Finding Meaning in Believer Baptism Brandon Jones
The Marrow Controversy and Seceder Tradition: Atonement, Saving Faith, and the Gospel Offer in Scotland (1718-1799) William VanDoodewaard
The New Evangelical Subordinationism? Perspectives on the Equality of God the Father and God the Son Dennis Jowers
Applied Business Ethics, Volume 1: POWER Living Through the Truth Brian Keen
Jonathan Edwards and Justification Josh Moody
Women, Slaves, and the Gender Debate: A Complementarian Response to the Redemptive-Movement Hermeneutic Benjamin Reaoch
Charity and Its Fruits: Living in the Light of God's Love Kyle Strobel
By Word and Spirit: Jonathan Edwards on Redemption, Justification, and Regeneration Kyle Strobel
Jonathan Edwards and the Polemics of Theosis Kyle Strobel
Transformed in Christ: Christology and the Christian Life in John Chrysostom Ashish Naidu
Isaiah 34-66: For the Person in the Pew Jim West
Creation in Paul and Philo: The Beginning and Before Jonathan Worthington
Ezekiel in Context: Ezekiel Understood in Its Historical Setting of Covenant Curses and Ancient Near Eastern Mythological Motifs Brian Peterson
"Reframing the Past: The Impact of Institutional and Ideological Agendas on Modern Interpretations of Landmarkism." James Patterson
"Anteriority and Justification: Pragmatic Functions of the We-x-Qatal Form in Direct Speech in the Book of Genesis William Osborne
The Law of Christ: God’s Will for New Testament Believers. George Law
Reformer of Basel: The Life,Thought and Influence of Johannes Oeciolampadius Diane Poythress
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