New Publications by ETS Members

Title Author
Le testament d'Elisée: Texte massorétique et Septante en 2 Rois 13,10-14,16 Matthieu Richelle
When God Says, "No" -- Reshaping Prayer and Learning to Listen Thomas Hauff
Les conquêtes de Hazaël selon la recension lucianique en 4 Règnes 13,22 Matthieu Richelle
"Elie et Elisée, auriges en Israël. Une métaphore militaire oubliée en 2 R 2,12 et 13,14" Matthieu Richelle
Faith Comes From Hearing: The Scandal of Preaching in a Digital Age Matthew O'Reilly
Five Things You Need to Know about Preaching through the Books of Scripture Matthew O'Reilly
Luke: A Handbook on the Greek Text Joshua Stigall
"Misreading Earth's Groanings: Why Evolutionists and Intelligent Design Proponents Fail Ecology 101" James J.S. Johnson
"Fighting Over Furniture and Faith" James J.S. Johnson
"Survival of the Fitted: God's Providential Programming" James J.S. Johnson
"Biblical Apologetics for a Russian Viking King: How Genesis Truth Changed the Course of World History" James J.S. Johnson
"Hidden Assumptions Play 'Hide and Seek': Using Context and Clarification to 'Tag' Bible Critics" James J.S. Johnson
Job: For the Person in the Pew Jim West
The Gospel of Luke Jim West
The Imago Dei Once Again: Stanley Grenz’s Journey Toward a Theological Interpretation of Gen 1:26-27 Jason Sexton
Stanley Grenz’s Ecclesiology: Telic and Trinitarian Jason Sexton
Stanley Grenz’s Relatedness and Relevancy to British Evangelicalism Jason Sexton
Paul Davies and the Philosophy of Science John Wilsey
A Critique of the Historiographical Construal of America as a Christian Nation John Wilsey
"Not the Creche but the Cross: Christmas is but Servant to Easter" Allen Mickle
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