New Publications by ETS Members

Title Author
Living Blessedly Forever: The Sermon on the Mount and the Puritan Piety of William Perkins James Yuille
Theodore Frelinghuysen's Evangelism: Catalyst to the First Great Awakening Scott Maze
La Bible et l'archéologie Matthieu Richelle
Why Believe the Bible Kenneth Cooper
The Tabernacle of David in Biblical Prophecy Kenneth Cooper
1-2 Thessalonians: For the Person in the Pew Jim West
Prayer as Rhetoric in the Book of Nehemiah Mark Boda
"Paradigm Shifts: The Philosophical Hermeneutics of Friedrich Schleiermacher" William Osborne
B. B. Warfield's Scientifically Constructive Theological Scholarship David Smith
"Elements of Irony: Rhetoric and History in Ezekiel 20:1 - 44" William Osborne
Discipleship Dissonance: Toward a Theology of Imperfection amidst the Pursuit of Holiness Peter Nelson
Spiritual Formation: Ever Forming, Never Formed Peter Nelson
Walking in the Spirit Kenneth Berding
Polycarp's Use of 1 Clement: An Assumption Reconsidered Kenneth Berding
“John Knox: A Theologian of Prayer” Brian Najapfour
“Martin Luther on Prayer and Reformation” Brian Najapfour
‘“Where shall my wondering soul begin?’: A Historical and Theological Analysis,” Brian Najapfour
“John Bunyan: A Sectary or a Puritan or Both? A Historical Exploration of His Religious Identity” Brian Najapfour
Old School, New Clothes: The Cultural Blindness of Christian Education Ronald Hoch
Only One Way? Three Christian Responses on the Uniqueness of Christ in a Religiously Plural World Daniel Strange
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