New Publications by ETS Members

Title Author
Are We Free to Pray? On the Freedom Necessary for Petitionary Prayer Christopher Woznicki
Did Jesus Quote the Apostles? The Possible Intertextuality and Significance of Revelation 2:24 Paul Himes
A Virtue Ethical View of Trinitarian Sanctification: Jesus' Roles as Teacher, Example, and Priest Ronald Rothenberg
Ethics in the Gospel of John? The Character of Virtue Douglas Estes
Sin and the Cyborg: On the (Im) Peccability of the Posthuman Douglas Estes
The Last Chapter of Revelation? Narrative Design at the End of the Apocalypse Douglas Estes
“‘A Singular Submissiveness to the Will of God’: The Spirituality of Samuel Pearce (1766-1799)” Brian Najapfour
“The Holy Spirit in Medieval Spirituality as Reflected in Three Discourses of Leading Medieval Writers” Brian Najapfour
The Collected Prayers of John Knox Brian Najapfour
A Hearer of God’s Word: Ten Ways to Listen to Sermons Better Brian Najapfour
African Christian Eschatology: An Anthology on Issues and Perspectives Moses Audi
World Christianity in Crisis: Glocalization, Re-Transmission, and Boko Haram's Challenge to Nigerian Baptists (2000-2012) Moses Audi
Phosphorus and the resurrection : An investigation into the Morning Star metaphor of 2 Peter 1:19c Tim Hettinger
Genesis 12:1-25:11: From the Messianic Promise of the Seed of the Woman to the indepth Look of the Salvific Plan of God Alan Kamyau Chan
A Christian Habitus: Wittgenstein and Liturgical Formation Austin Kopack
Other Voices in Old Testament Interpretation W. Marlowe
The Awe of the Lord is the Beginning of Knowledge: The Significance of Awe for Theological Epistemology Christopher Woznicki
The Storm of YHWH: Jeremiah’s Theology of God’s Heart and Motive J Michael Thigpen
You Shall Know that I Am Yahweh: An Inner-Biblical Interpretation of Ezekiel's Recognition Formula John Evans
The Doctrine of Scripture and Biblical Contextualization: Inspiration, Authority, Inerrancy, and the Canon Jackson Wu
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