New Publications by ETS Members

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"The First Pauline Chronologist? Probably Not: A Review Essay of Ryan Schellenberg’s ‘The First Pauline Chronologist' from a Bayesian Perspective" Nathan Nadeau
“J. C. Ryle’s Views on Dispensationalism, Politics, and Culture” Sung Cho
Hani Ibrahim: Kitabı Mukaddes ve Kur'an'daki İbrahim Öykülerine Karşılaştırmalı İlahiyat Yaklaşımı (Sharing Abraham? Narrative Worldview, Biblical and Qur’anic Interpretation, and Comparative Theology in Turkey) George Bristow
Conspicuous in His Absence: Studies in the Song of Songs and Esther Chloe Sun
"Theologian of The Holy Spirit: A Pentecostal Analysis of John Calvin’s Pneumatology" Geoffrey Butler
"Plague, Pentecostalism, and Pastoral Guidance: Luther’s Wisdom for the Contemporary Church" Geoffrey Butler
"Blessed Are the Peacemakers: Canadian Pentecostalism and Military Conflict in the Early Twentieth Century" Geoffrey Butler
Jean Gerson: Peacemaker to His Religious Community and Peacemaker to the People Gregory Lamb
"Did God Answer That Prayer? Spiritual Perception and the Epistemology of Petitionary Prayer" Chris Woznicki
Reconciliation as Separation: Socio-Location and Validity of Othering in 1 John JULIUS KITHINJI
Martin Luther's Theology of Beauty: Reconsidering the "Hiddenness" and "Alien Work" of God Jonathan King
The Apocalypse Is Coming: The Rise of the Antichrist, the Restrainer Removed, and Jesus Christ Victorious at Armageddon James De Young
The Moral Governmental Theory of Atonement: Re-envisioning Penal Substitution Obbie Todd
Daniel: Evangelical Exegetical Commentary J. Paul Tanner
Amazing Love! How Can It Be: Studies on Hymns by Charles Wesley Brian Najapfour
Trust and Obedience as Worship to Yahweh: Worship in the Book of Joshua J Michael Thigpen
Trinitarian Formation: A Theology of Discipleship in Light of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit Joshua Davis
The Patristic “Masora”: A Study of Patristic Collections in Syriac Handbooks from the Near East. Jonathan Loopstra
Entering the World: Perception in Merleau-Ponty and Critical Realism Kyle Smith
The Edict of Cyrus and Notions of Restoration in Ezra-Nehemiah and Chronicles Andrew Gilhooley
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