New Publications by ETS Members

Title Author
Scripture, Texts, and Tracings in Romans Linda Belleville
Philippians Linda Belleville
“Paul’s Use of the Traveling Rock Tradition in 1 Corinthians 10:4.” Linda Belleville
Spirit, Scripture, Saints, and Seminary: Toward a Reappropriation of “Spirit Illumination” in “Scripture Interpretation” for Seminarians Peter Tie
Spirit Wind: The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit in Global Theology—A Chinese Perspective Peter Tie
Aphrahat on the Role of the Holy Spirit in the Christian Life Daniel McConaughy
The Early History of the Syriac Text of Acts Chapters One and Two Daniel McConaughy
Authorship of 1 Peter and Hebrews: New Evidence in Light of Probable Intertextual Borrowing Liz Myers
Intertextual Borrowing between 1 Peter and Hebrews: Probability of Literary Dependence and the Most Likely Direction of Borrowing Liz Myers
Probability of Intertextual Borrowing: A Methodology for Determining the Likelihood of Literary Dependence and the Direction of Borrowing between New Testament Books Liz Myers
"The Rapture: Cosmic Segregation or Antidote for Oppression? A Critical Response to the 'Racial Ideology of Rapture'" Cory Marsh
Junius and Van Til on Natural Knowledge of God Nathan Shannon
'In Our Image': Our Creational Identity and Economic Conflict J Michael Thigpen
Beyond a Reasonable Doubt: A Case for Common Sense Christianity Larry Siekawitch
James Robinson Graves: Staking the Boundaries of Baptist Identity. 2nd edition. James Patterson
"Loving Wisdom: The Ἀγαπάω-Φιλέω Exchange in John 21:15-17 as an Allusion to LXX Proverbs 8:17" Paul Himes
Missional & Messianic Bible Commentary (3 vols.: OT & Apocrypha, Appendices; Gospels and Acts; Epistles, Appendices, Bibliography) T. D. Proffitt
2 Timothy: Fight the Good Fight, Finish the Race, Keep the Faith Paul Jeon
"The Tree of Life in Proverbs and Psalms William Osborne
Divine Blessing and the Fullness of Life in the Presence of God William Osborne
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