New Publications by ETS Members

Title Author
Braving the Future: Christian Faith in a World of Limitless Tech Douglas Estes
Celestial Spheres: Angelic Bodies & Hyperspace Austin Freeman
Rethinking Biblical Hebrew Instruction Scott Callaham
The Promise of the Seed of the Woman: The Prologue of Salvation Narrative: Genesis 1-11 (Translated from Chinese title) Alan Chan
Refocusing the Image: Domestic Violence, Refugees, and the Imago Dei in John Calvin's Pastoral Theology Christopher Woznicki
A Development, Not a Departure: The Lacunae in the Debate of the Doctrine of the Trinity and Gender Roles Hongyi Yang
The Son who Learned Obedience: A Theological Case Against the Eternal Submission of the Son David Butner
Beauty Jonathan King
The Beauty of the Lord: Theology as Aesthetics Jonathan King
Peter Martyr Vermigli's Account of Petitionary Prayer: A Reformation Alternative to Contemporary Two-Way Contingency Accounts Christopher Woznicki
Our God is Triune: Essays in Biblical Theology Michael Burgos
Canonical Approaches, New Trajectories, and the Book of Daniel Jordan Scheetz
A Hermeneutic of Wisdom: Recovering the Formative Agency of Scripture Jeff Dryden
"Saint Peter as ‘Sympresbyteros’: Mimetic Desire, Discipleship, and Education" Gregory Lamb
Trading Places: Faithful Job and Doubtful Autolycus in Theophilus’ Apology Stuart Parsons
The Love of God in Biblical Counseling Luciano Cozzi
An Incarnational Model of the Eucharist James Arcadi
Psalm 23: A Photo Commentary Steven Anderson
The Augustinian Perspective on the Transmission of Original Sin and Assisted Reproductive Technologies Cristina Richie
How Abrahamic Is 'Abrahamic Dialogue'? George Bristow
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