New Publications by ETS Members

Title Author
"Addressing the Stigma Associated with Seeking Help for Mental Health Among Asian Americans" Daniel K. Eng
"The Biblical Hebrew Beth Essentiae: Predicate Marker" Jacques Boulet
Religions and the Doctrine of God: Comparing J. H. Bavinck and Cherbonnier Nathan Shannon
For Us, but Not to Us: Essays on Creation, Covenant, and Context in Honor of John H. Walton Kenneth Way
“Flourishing, Justice, and the Gospel as “Subduing” the Earth.” J Michael Thigpen
Hebrews: A Commentary for Biblical Preaching and Teaching Herbert Bateman
“The Minority Report: A Different Assessment for Interpreting Jude, Part 2" Herbert Bateman
The Fundamentals of Hebrew Accents: Divisions and Exegetical Roles beyond Syntax Sung Jin Park
Visual Outline Charts of the New Testament: Revised and Expanded M. Scott Bashoor
Romans: A Pastoral and Contextual Commentary Andrew Spurgeon
The Covenant Life David Cho
"Scripture and Worship" Scott Callaham
Without Excuse: Scripture, Reason, and Presuppositional Apologetics David Haines
"Dancing Around the Black Box: The Problem and Metaphysics of Perichoresis" Chris Woznicki
"Engaging Women with a Suffering Sophia: Prospects and Pitfalls for Evangelicals" Cristina Richie
"Catholic Health Care’s Responsibility to the Environment" Cristina Richie
"Sustainability and Bioethics: Where We Have Been, Where We Are, Where We Are Going" Cristina Richie
"Postmortem Sperm Retrieval and Posthumous Grandparenthood in the United States and Internationally" Cristina Richie
“Sex, not Gender. A Plea for Accuracy” Cristina Richie
Already Sanctified: A Theology of the Christian Life in Light of God's Completed Work Don Payne
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