New Publications by ETS Members

Title Author
"Violence, Atonement, and Retributive Justice: Bonhoeffer as a Test Case" Benjamin Burkholder
Bloodless Atonement?: A Theological and Exegetical Study of the Last Supper Sayings Benjamin Burkholder
"The First-Century Inscription of Quintus Sulpicius Maximus: An Initial Catalog of Lexical Parallels with the New Testament" Brian Wright
The Perception of Christianity as a Rational Religion in Singapore: A Missiological Analysis of Christian Conversion Clive Chin
The Perpetuation of Racial Assumptions in Biblical Studies Deane Galbraith
Whence the Giant Jesus and his Talking Cross? The Resurrection in Gospel of Peter 10.39–42 as Prophetic Fulfilment of LXX Psalm 18 Deane Galbraith
Judges: A Theological Commentary for Preachers Abraham Kuruvilla
Prayer as Divine Experience in 4 Ezra and John’s Apocalypse: Emotion, Empathy, and Engagement with God David Seal
Medical Technologies, Environmental Conservation, and Health Care Cristina Richie
Report on the Ethics of Contraceptive Use Cristina Richie
40 Questions About Church Membership and Discipline Jeremy Kimble
"Wisdom and the Sojourning Saints or Christ and the Wandering Sinners? The Wilderness Wandering Motif in Hebrews as a Reaction to Wisdom of Solomon" Paul Himes
Jesus Christ and the Rule of Faith: The Confessional Christology of the Early Fathers David Johnson
Fatherlessness: Implications for God's Word, Church, and World Gregory Lamb
Getting into the Text: New Testament Essays in Honor of David Alan Black Thomas Hudgins
"P45 and the Problem of the Seventy(-two): A Case for the Longer Reading in Luke 10.1 and 17" Zachary Cole
"The Body of Christ Analogy in T. F. Torrance's Ecumenical Ecclesiology" Albert Shepherd
Why People Matter: A Christian Engagement with Rival Views of Human Significance John Kilner
"Sinfully Stereotyped: Jesus’s Desire to Correct Ancient Physiognomic Assumptions in the Gospel according to Luke" Gregory Lamb
Those Footnotes in Your New Testament: A Textual Criticism Primer for Everyone Thomas Hudgins
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