New Publications by ETS Members

Title Author
Kingdom Hermeneutics and the Apocalypse: A Promotion of Consistent Literal Methodology Cory Marsh
Canonical Theology: The Biblical Canon, Sola Scriptura, and Theological Method John Peckham
The Object of the Law is Realized in Christ: Romans 10:4 and Paul’s Justification Teaching Charles Irons
The Book of Isaiah and God's Kingdom: A thematic-theological approach Andrew Abernethy
The Hidden Life of Jesus Thomas Hudgins
Quest for the Truth: Through the Doctor of Applied Ethics programme Brian Keen
Matthew’s New David at the End of Exile: A Socio-Rhetorical Study of Scriptural Quotations Nicholas Piotrowski
Leviticus and Numbers Joe Sprinkle
"James Robinson Graves Vs. Alexander Campbell: A Heated Journalistic Rivalry in the Antebellum South" James Patterson
The Promise of Arminian Theology: Essays in Honor of F. Leroy Forlines William Watts
‘Special Forces’: A Stereotype of Benjaminite Soldiers in the Deuteronomistic History and Chronicles.” Benjamin Giffone
Sit At My Right Hand: The Chronicler’s Portrait of the Tribe of Benjamin in the Social Context of Yehud Benjamin Giffone
"Divine Healing in Australian Protestantism, 1870 - 1940" Journal of Religious History Damon Adams
Flesh and Blood: A Dogmatic Sketch Concerning the Fallen Nature View of Christ's Human Nature Daniel Cameron
Retelling the Story of God: An Apologetic for the Christian Worldview Scott Davis
Biblical Hebrew in Chinese: Fostering the Rethinking of Teaching Method through Language Defamiliarization Scott Callaham
Twin Cultures Separated by Centuries: An Indian Reading of First Corinthians Andrew Spurgeon
The Theological Method of F. Leroy Forlines Andrew Ball
Why Did Peter Change the Septuagint? A Reexamination of the Significance of the Use of Τίθημι in 1 Peter2:6 Paul Himes
Doctrine and Experience Caught in the Crossfire of Evangelical Spiritualities Christopher Zito
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