New Publications by ETS Members

Title Author
Romans 12:1-15:13 How Then Should We Live? Linda Belleville
The Sinai-Mεσίτης Tradition in Galatians 3:19-20. Linda Belleville
Sin unto Death in 1 John 5:16: A Media Critical Approach Ilya Manzyuk
Christian Reflection in Africa: Review and Engagement W. Paul Bowers
Paul Against the Idols: A Contextual Reading of the Areopagus Speech Flavien Pardigon
40 Questions About Heaven and Hell Alan Gomes
Contemporary Theology: An Introduction—Classical, Evangelical, Philosophical, and Global Perspectives Kirk MacGregor
The Origin of Archangels: Ideological Mystification of Nobility Deane Galbraith
The Art of Dying Well: Missions and the Reality of Martyrdom Gregory Lamb
N. T. Wright and Justification Revisited: A Contrarian Perspective Andrew Cowan
Have Theologians No Sense of Shame?: How the Bible Reconcile Objective and Subjective Shame Jackson Wu
Why Is God Justified in Romans? Vindicating Paul’s Use of Psalm 51 in Romans 3:4 Jackson Wu
Theodicy of Love: Cosmic Conflict and the Problem of Evil John Peckham
Greening the End of Life: Refracting Clinical Ethics through an Ecological Prism Cristina Richie
What Are We Doing When We Pray? Rekindling a Reformation Theology of Petitionary Prayer Christopher Woznicki
The Value of Rabbinism for New Testament Study Cory Marsh
The Monkhood of All Believers: The Monastic Foundation of Christian Spirituality Greg Peters
Braving the Future: Christian Faith in a World of Limitless Tech Douglas Estes
Celestial Spheres: Angelic Bodies & Hyperspace Austin Freeman
Rethinking Biblical Hebrew Instruction Scott Callaham
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