New Publications by ETS Members

Title Author
The Last Chapter of Revelation? Narrative Design at the End of the Apocalypse Douglas Estes
“‘A Singular Submissiveness to the Will of God’: The Spirituality of Samuel Pearce (1766-1799)” Brian Najapfour
“The Holy Spirit in Medieval Spirituality as Reflected in Three Discourses of Leading Medieval Writers” Brian Najapfour
The Collected Prayers of John Knox Brian Najapfour
A Hearer of God’s Word: Ten Ways to Listen to Sermons Better Brian Najapfour
African Christian Eschatology: An Anthology on Issues and Perspectives Moses Audi
World Christianity in Crisis: Glocalization, Re-Transmission, and Boko Haram's Challenge to Nigerian Baptists (2000-2012) Moses Audi
Phosphorus and the resurrection : An investigation into the Morning Star metaphor of 2 Peter 1:19c Tim Hettinger
Genesis 12:1-25:11: From the Messianic Promise of the Seed of the Woman to the indepth Look of the Salvific Plan of God Alan Kamyau Chan
A Christian Habitus: Wittgenstein and Liturgical Formation Austin Kopack
Other Voices in Old Testament Interpretation Walter Marlowe
The Awe of the Lord is the Beginning of Knowledge: The Significance of Awe for Theological Epistemology Chris Woznicki
The Storm of YHWH: Jeremiah’s Theology of God’s Heart and Motive J Michael Thigpen
You Shall Know that I Am Yahweh: An Inner-Biblical Interpretation of Ezekiel's Recognition Formula John Evans
The Doctrine of Scripture and Biblical Contextualization: Inspiration, Authority, Inerrancy, and the Canon Brad Vaughn
Biblical Theology for Oral Cultures in World Mission Brad Vaughn
Reading Romans with Eastern Eyes: Honor and Shame in Paul's Message and Mission Brad Vaughn
Happiness and External Goods in Nicomachean Ethics Sorin Sabou
Why Biblical Prophecy Matters: Our Views on the Future Affect Our Lives in the Present Cory Marsh
A Dynamic Relationship: Christ, The Covenants, and Israel Cory Marsh
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