New Publications by ETS Members

Title Author
Ethics for Entrepreneurs Brian Keen
The Story of Monasticism: Retrieving an Ancient Tradition for Contemporary Spirituality Greg Peters
God the Reason: How Infinite Excellence Gives Unbreakable Faith Craig Biehl
A Vision for Preaching: Understanding the Heart of Pastoral Ministry Abraham Kuruvilla
Ephesians: A Theological Commentary for Preachers Abraham Kuruvilla
Remember, O Yahweh: The Poetry and Context of Psalms 135-137 James Todd
Elohim within the Psalms: Petitioning the Creator to Order Chaos in Oral-Derived Literature Terrance Wardlaw
The Meaning of ברא in Genesis 1:1-2:3 Terrance Wardlaw
"Figural Reading in the Book of the Cave of Treasures: Recovering an Interpretive Tradition" Brian Bunnell
God in Our Midst: The Tabernacle and Our Relationship with God Daniel Hyde
The Baptist Story: From English Sect to Global Movement Nathan Finn
One Gospel for All Nations: A Practical Approach to Biblical Contextualization Jackson Wu
Waiting on God: What to Do When God Does Nothing Wayne Stiles
Urban Legends of the New Testament: 40 Common Misconceptions David Croteau
Apprehension of Jesus in the Gospel of John Josaphat Tam
God as Teacher in Psalm 25 Andrew Abernethy
African American Religion: A Confluent of African Traditional Religion and Christianity. David Musa
“Christian prophecy and canon in the second century: A response to B. B. Warfield.” Gary Shogren
“The gift of tongues in the post-apostolic church: a rejoinder to Cleon Rogers” Gary Shogren
Orthodox, Puritan, Baptist: Hercules Collins (1647-1702) and Particular Baptist Identity in Early Modern England Steve Weaver
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