The Evangelical Theological Society is a professional academic society of biblical and theological scholars, pastors, and students. We serve Jesus Christ and his church by fostering conservative, biblical scholarship. We seek to accomplish this goal through our Annual Meeting, regional meetings, and publications such as our Journal. Our meetings are open to the public and our publications are available for purchase. Older volumes of the Journal are made available freely through our online archive.

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Paper Proposal Notification Timeline

Proposals submitted to Section open sessions have been notified whether the proposal was accepted, declined, or moved for consideration in a discipline specific session.

Proposals submitted to discipline specific and theme sessions will be notified by June 1 if the proposal has been accepted, declined, or held for potential inclusion if cancellations occur.

The status of proposals are updated when decisions are made. To view the status of your proposal, click the View My Proposal(s) link in the Annual Meeting Proposal System menu.

Theologians Without Borders opens its doors!

Beginning to tackle the resource imbalance in global theological education, Theologians Without Borders has now opened its doors. What’s the idea? The West has material resources and many more PhDs. But it is the Majority World (MW) church that is growing in leaps and bounds. Many Western (W) scholar-teachers want to help and are willing to visit to teach in the MW. When these visits work well, they are amazingly productive for both the visitor and the students, helping grow more strategic leaders right where they are needed most.

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