Theologians Without Borders opens its doors!

Beginning to tackle the resource imbalance in global theological education, Theologians Without Borders has now opened its doors. What’s the idea? The West has material resources and many more PhDs. But it is the Majority World (MW) church that is growing in leaps and bounds. Many Western (W) scholar-teachers want to help and are willing to visit to teach in the MW. When these visits work well, they are amazingly productive for both the visitor and the students, helping grow more strategic leaders right where they are needed most. And your institution benefits too; by growing the global exposure of your faculty team you enrich them and help meet accreditation standards. But all too often these teaching visits—using W-style courses without culturally relevant approaches and applications—only reinforce the problem.

What’s new? Find out more on Western scholars can now enquire about being a field partner with Theologians Without Borders. Click here. Theological educational institutions can now upload teaching-visit opportunities to Theologians Without Borders. Click here to upload an opportunity,.

If you have questions email Dr. Ian Payne ( Also, consider doing the survey