Attention Women of the Evangelical Theological Society

A Facebook group has been started for women who are ETS members or who are considering membership as well as women who work for evangelical publishers exhibiting at ETS. It's meant to be a setting where collaboration, encouragement, and networking can take place. If you are a woman and a Facebook user, please find us and request to join! If you know of women you'd like to encourage to join and participate, please pass the word along and they can request to join. The group is called ETS Women (members of the Evangelical Theological Society). Over a hundred women have already joined the group, but we would love to see that number quadruple. Our hope is that by creating this vehicle for networking, more women will be encouraged to join and remain active members of ETS. Whether you're looking for a roommate for the annual meeting, want to ask advice about your conference presentation, share the news of a recent publication, or find others working in your area of research, this is the place for you!

Even if you're not on Facebook, be sure to mark your calendars for Wednesday, November 20 at 8:00 for the ETS Women's Reception and watch your program book for the location. Your fellow women at ETS would love to meet you!

Carmen Imes
Associate Professor of Old Testament, Prairie College

Jill Firth
Lecturer in Hebrew and Old Testament, Ridley College

Christa McKirland
Research Fellow, University of St. Andrews
Executive Director, Logia