Hebraist/Exegetical Editor

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Global Bible Initiative
Start Date: 
September 1, 2019

The Chinese Standard Bible (CSB) New Testament is a proven translation suited for every Chinese Christian, with its unique optimal equivalence translation philosophy that combines readability and fidelity (https://www.globalbibleinitiative.org/chinese-standard-bible.html). The Hebraist/Exegetical Editor will be a member of the CSB Editorial Team and plays a key role in ensuring the same high quality of Bible translation for the CSB Old Testament. He or she reports to the Executive Editor and helps him maintain the highest degree of accuracy and faithfulness in the Old Testament translation.

Duties and Responsibilities
He or she will work under the leadership and supervision of the Executive Editor to review and edit the current drafts of the Chinese Standard Bible Old Testament to be ready for publication.
When the Executive Editor is absent, he or she will preside over team review meetings.
The kind of expertise he or she is expected to provide during team review sessions include, but are not limited to:
BIBLICAL HEBREW/ARAMAIC EXPERTISE: When called upon, able to clearly and concisely explain the meaning and structure of the Hebrew/Aramaic source text in any given passage in the Old Testament.
EXEGETICAL EXPERTISE: Both before and during team review sessions, checking the accuracy and faithfulness of the Old Testament translation to the original Hebrew/Aramaic. Able to clearly and concisely explain alternative interpretations of problem/ambiguous passages, articulate pros and cons, and provide advice on broader biblical, theological, and practical implications of choices made in the interpretation and translation of any given passage in the Old Testament.
CONSISTENCY CHECK: Ensure appropriate levels of consistent translation for key biblical terms, important theological concepts, Bible names, and parallel passages throughout the entire text. Provide principled reasons for any necessary variation from the norm.

At GBI, we believe our team members need to have both high professional and excellent personal qualifications. For this specific position:

Professional Qualifications include:
High professional proficiency in the source languages (Hebrew and Aramaic)
High proficiency in the target language (Mandarin Chinese)
High proficiency in an important intermediate research language (English)
Well-versed in how languages work and how to translate between languages
Well-versed in sound Bible Translation principles
Comfortable with using computers and learning how to use new programs
Great to haves:
PhD or ThD in biblical studies
Well-versed in a broad spectrum of biblical studies including biblical exegesis, theology, history and culture
Being a native speaker of the target language is preferred, and significant cultural exposure to the target culture (lived in China) would be helpful.
High professional proficiency in biblical Greek

Personal Qualifications include:
A passion to serve Christ, with values aligned with Biblical priorities (Matthew 28:18-20)
A commitment to Christ-centered behavior, treating people with dignity, respect, compassion and integrity
Team player, who is respectful and willing to listen and learn from others
Able to think critically and have keen discernment to identify and solve problems
Detailed and organized thinker who can reason and provide alternatives
Creative and strategic thinker, yet also open to the input of others and able to put aside personal opinions

Working Conditions
There are no special working conditions for this position.

Physical Requirements
There are no special physical requirements for this position.

Position Details
Job Title: Hebraist/Exegetical Editor
Reports to: Executive Editor of the CSB
Job Status: Full time, exempt
Salary: Dependent on level of expertise and experience, we offer competitive wages and a strong benefit package
Benefits: A competitive package including insurance - medical, dental, vision, life AD&D and disability, an HSA, 401k match, and paid vacation
Job Location: Relocation to Dallas, TX to work face-to-face with the CSB Editorial Team preferred. May consider allowing an exceptional candidate to work remotely by meeting with the Editorial team online on daily basis.
Travel: Traveling will be required as necessary
Work Authorization: US Required

About Global Bible Initiative

Global Bible Initiative is a Bible translation and technology organization that leverages innovations in computer science, linguistics and Biblical scholarship to accelerate Bible translation without compromising quality. ​ We harness new technology through collaboration with other Bible translation agencies and empowers the Church to translate the Bible for themselves, but not by themselves. Our vision is to enable the Church to fulfill its God-given stewardship of God’s Word so that “the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.” Habakkuk 2:14

How to Apply
If you feel you would be a good fit for GBI, send your resume and a cover letter tocareers@globalbibleinitiative.org.

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Alex Mosoiu
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(616) 379-9241
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