"Inseparable Operations of the Trinity: Outdated Relic or Valuable Tool?"

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Teer, Torey J. S. “Inseparable Operations of the Trinity: Outdated Relic or Valuable Tool?” Southeastern Theological Review 12, no. 1 (Spring 2021): 39–61.

The doctrine of inseparable operations has fallen out of favor for many theologians of the Trinity, though it continues to flourish in the trinitarian discourse of many others. Is the axiom to be regarded, per the first camp, as an irrelevant or inconsistent vestige of theology past or, per the second camp, a fruitful device for theology present? By surveying the voice of the fourth-century fathers, critiquing an alternative approach to the Trinity (social trinitarianism), and addressing potential problems regarding the axiom’s coherence, I offer a three-stranded evidentiary cord (historical, methodological, and theological) in support of the inseparability principle’s ongoing vitality for Christian conversation.

Southeastern Theological Review