Assistant Professor, College of International Studies

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Dallas International University
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DIU seeks an assistant professor for the College of International Studies (CIS) to teach Bible courses and recruit new students predominantly through developing relationships with local churches. In addition to teaching and recruiting, regular faculty members at DIU also participate in research and publication, institutional service, and professional service.


  1. Teaching 2-4 Bible-related undergraduate courses per academic year.
  2. Recruiting by (a) creating new relationships with churches in order to share information about CIS’s programs; (b) developing relationships with these churches through regular contact and occasional on-campus events in coordination with DIU’s recruiting office; (c) creating opportunities for CIS faculty and students to work with local churches to promote engaging in missions.
  3. Institutional service which involves, but is not limited to, participating in CIS and DIU meetings and committees, grant writing, administration, and student advising.
  4. Participating in the academic community through participation in conferences, publishing, and other means.
  5. Partnership development if necessary; that is, developing and maintaining relationships with personal financial partners. See “Rank and Salary” below.


  1. PhD in biblical studies or a related field from an accredited institution.
  2. Experience teaching and developing curriculum at the high school, undergraduate, or graduate level.
  3. Experience working in or relating to churches.
  4. Sustained experience in cross-cultural service, in the United States or internationally.
  5. The ability to prepare students for cross-cultural service by equipping them with appropriate knowledge, skills, and attitudes.
  6. Time-management skills to balance teaching and recruiting activities.
  7. Ability to work effectively in team settings.

Rank and Salary

  1. This position requires the candidate to provide their own financial support.
  2. This position is a Core Faculty position with DIU.

E-mail (Eric Bartels) and with a CV and letter of interest.

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Eric Bartels and Todd Scacewater
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