Information on ETS Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Bylaw Amendment Proposals

Greetings members,

In October, 2021, two emails were sent out to ETS Full Members.

The first, on October 1, provided an update on the process of incorporation, communicating that ETS was granted corporate status by the Arizona Corporation Commission in September, 2021.

The second, on October 22, provided information on proposed bylaw amendments, and explained the process and timeline. The proposals seek to have our bylaws more clearly reflect our current procedures and practices.

In keeping with our procedure for amendments, the proposed amendments will be presented at the business meeting this year in Fort Worth, and the formal discussion, debate, and vote on the amendments will take place during the 2022 business meeting in Denver. Prior to the business meeting next year in Denver, the board will arrange a time (TBD) for questions and a discussion of the proposed amendments.

For your convenience, the relevant documents are attached below. They are:

1. This document outlines the proposed amendments. For each proposed amendment, you will see the current bylaw, followed by the proposed amended bylaw, and then a brief rationale for the amendment.

ETS Bylaws Amendments Proposal (2021)

2. A copy of the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws. As a reminder, the process of incorporation was initiated years ago, and was completed this year. The Articles of Incorporation were filed along with bylaws that combined the ETS Constitution and Bylaws into a single set of bylaws. In the new format, all of the articles from the ETS Constitution and Bylaws are retained, and bylaws have been added that outline procedures and information required of corporations (such as location of offices, information on membership and board meetings, indemnification, and general provisions).

ETS Articles of Incorporation (2021)

ETS Bylaws (2021)

3. Finally, we have attached a document with a table that helps you find where each of the articles from the ETS Constitution and Bylaws are located in the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.

ETS Constitution and Bylaws Location Table (2021)