The Book of the Twelve

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Stovell, Beth M., and David J. Fuller. The Book of the Twelve. Cascade Companions. Eugene, OR: Cascade, 2022.

This book provides a concise guide to the group of biblical books commonly called "The Book of the Twelve Prophets" or simply "The Twelve" (also know as "the Minor Prophets"). In the past twenty years, scholars have explored how reading this set of books as a unified "Book of the Twelve" creates new avenues for understanding and depth. This Cascade Companion introduces the key questions, themes, and topics related to the Twelve in an accessible way. Starting with a discussion of why scholars call these books "The Twelve," the book explores the major themes that orient the Twelve. The book addresses recent topics impacting the Twelve, including the relationship between wisdom literature and the Twelve, the rise of linguistic and literary approaches, and the impact of editorial theories in the study of the Twelve. As such, this book allows readers to learn what gives the Twelve its unique shape and flavor.