Tuesday, November 13

Parallel Session A:

Parallel Session B:

  • Christian Ethics
    Plaza Building–Concourse Level
    Plaza Court 7

    2:50 PM—3:30 PM
    Branson Parler
    (Kuyper College)
    Ancient-Future Sex: Retrieving the Good of Procreation for Contemporary Sexual Ethics

    2:50 PM—3:30 PM
    Matthew Lee Anderson
    (Baylor University)
    How is Withdrawing Life-Sustaining Hydration Honoring to God? Reflections on Alfie Evans and Charlie Gard

  • Evangelical Philosophical Society B3
    Tower Building–2nd Floor
    Tower Court D

    2:50 PM—3:30 PM
    Dwight R. Stanislaw
    (Holy Apostles College & Seminary)
    A Lack of Substance: Thomas Aquinas, Substances, and Modern Dualism