2018 Student Scholarship Sponsors

Premium Scholarship Sponsor

The following sponsor has made a financial contribution to the scholarship program. Their generous contribution assists ETS in providing the scholarship recipients with 2 years of financial assistance. Please be sure to visit Crossway in booth 313 and Zondervan Academic in the in booth 201, to thank them for their support.

Scholarship Book Voucher Sponsors

The following sponsors support the scholarship program by providing vouchers for books, software, and other valuable study aids. Each scholarship recipient will be able to go back to his or her studies with a significantly enhanced personal library. Given the high quality of the publications offered by our exhibitors this is a truly unique opportunity.

Accordance Bible Software Booth 123
Answers in Genesis Booth 119
B&H Publishing Group Booth 400
Baker Academic and Brozos Press Booth 101
IVP Booth 323
Kregel Academic Booth 223
Langham Partnership Booth 311
Olive Tree Bible Software Booth 307
Zondervan Academic Booth 201

Please be sure to visit these sponsors and thank them for their support.