Theological Education and Pedagogy


Synopsis: The Consultation on Theological Education & Pedagogy examines what Scripture, theology, and history teach us about the task of theological education and the relationship between the academy and the church. It provides a context to 1) discuss biblical foundations, structures, and methods for theological education, 2) retrieve historical examples and apply enduring principles, 3) evaluate current approaches to theological education and conceive of new models to meet future challenges, and 4) facilitate presentations and conversations about the best practices in teaching theology and allied disciplines. Because all Christian education is fundamentally theological, the Consultation welcomes contributions from all disciplines and from traditional and non-traditional forms of theological education.

Rationale: Currently, there is no forum within the Society to specifically address the challenges and opportunities faced by colleges, seminaries, and other institutions of theological education. Members of the Society represent dozens of institutions engaged in the task of developing the next generation of leaders for the church and, as educators and leaders, share the responsibility for its future. The Consultation on Theological Education & Pedagogy exists to serve the academy and the church through strategic collaboration and discussion of the nature, aims, and methods of theological education. It aims to nurture biblical reflection on our calling as disciple-makers and the various ways that the academy contributes to equipping the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ (Eph. 4:12). Additionally, it aims to inspire educators to hone the craft of teaching for effective classroom instruction and church ministry. The Consultation hopes to bring together leaders from a myriad of institutional settings, disciplines, and traditional and non-traditional forms of theological education to challenge and learn from one another.