Program Information

Step 5: Requests for Audio-Visual Equipment

The Society does not provide AV equipment for presentations. You may bring your own laptop/projector, or we can arrange a rental for you. Projector rentals are $400 which must be paid by Oct 31. If you do not need AV equipment, select "None." If you need a screen, but will be providing your own projector, please select "Screen Only." There is no cost to you for the use of a screen. If you want to rent a projector, please select "Projector." (A screen will be reserved along with the projector.)

Step 6: Input Printed Program Information

If your proposal is selected for inclusion, the printed program will include your name and the name of your institution or affiliation.

Input your name as it should appear in the program without any titles (e.g. Dr., Rev., Professor, Ph.D., etc.). Please do not enter your name in all caps.

Printed Program Information
Program Information

Step 7: PhD Student Information

If you are a student member and are currently enrolled in a PhD program, you are eligible to submit a proposal for the annual meeting with a recommendation from one of your current professors. For more information on the recommendation, please review the ETS Student Proposal Assessment Request form which you will need to send to your professor. As a part of your proposal, please enter your degree program information. This includes the institution in which you are enrolled and the name of your PhD advisor. In the second line please enter your current status in the program (e.g. in courses, preparing for comps, preparing proposal, ABD).

Doctoral Student Information
PhD Student Information

Step 8: Copy and Paste Your Abstract

Paste your abstract (min. 200 to max. 750 words) into the Abstract box. Greek and Hebrew text may be used in the abstract box if it is rendered with a Unicode font. Otherwise please attach a PDF copy of your abstract. Instructions for attaching files are found in the next step. For more information on how to construct a quality abstract, please see: Tips for Crafting a Quality Proposal.

Even if you intend to attach a document with your abstract, the abstract must be entered in the abstract box. Unless your abstract has significant citation of Greek or Hebrew, attaching a copy of your abstract is unnecessary.

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