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The New ETS Member Publications Listing

For years the Society published an annual list of new and forthcoming publications by its members in the Annual Newsletter. This year marks a significant transition as we move the publications listing online. With this new system, ETS members can post new publications online as they are published. The online listing will allow anyone to view the most recent publications by our members, search for publications by subject (newest items are posted first, but all items in the online listing will be available), and current members will be able to search for publications by author. The five most recent publications are listed on the homepage in the New Publications block on the right side of the page. The latest publications can also be viewed on the New Publications page.

The New Publications page and each of the subject listings is RSS compatible, so whether you want to keep track of all things new or you want to follow a particular subject, just add the feed to your favorite RSS reader and you'll stay up to date with the latest in evangelical scholarship from ETS members. Follow the links below for the various access options.

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The links listed under the heading General Subjects are the broadest categories. For more narrow subject listings (individual books, sections of Scripture, historical periods, theology topics, etc.) click on one of the links under the Subcategories heading. If you have suggestions for additional General Subject headings or Subcategories, please let us know. Click here to submit your suggestions.

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